Monday, September 7, 2009

Garandee's Kawawang Undies

Garandee and I have been doing our own dusting, packing and moving the past few days, and we are totally exhausted! So far we've got 75% of our stuff moved, mostly my wife's junk... Tomorrow I finally get to move some of my stuff.

Though the past week has been totally hectic and difficult, it was also a great opportunity for some husband and wife bonding.

Garando: "Phew, that's definitely the last batch we're doing today. I'll go back to our new home tomorrow to sort the boxes out and do some cleaning."

Garandee: "Hai... sooo tsukareta (tired)..."

Garando: "Now go freshen up and get dressed. Let's eat out tonight!"

Garandee: "OK! Something oishii (delicious) ne..."

Garando: "Yes, let's treat ourselves tonight."

Garandee: "DO!! Where are my undies?!?!"

Garando: " ??? "

Garandee: "My undies were all in this box... and it's not here!"

Garando: "We must've moved it along with the others this morning."

Garandee: "NYOOOO!!! Those were all my undies!"

Garando: " ... "

Garandee: "sigh... "

Garando: "you can use mine."

Garandee: "EEEEHHHH?!?! MAJI DE (are you nuts)?!?!"

Garando: "Here's a bikini cut. It's the smallest one I got."

Garandee: "Oh my goodness..."

After a few minutes...

Garando: "How is it?"

Garandee: "It's sooooo BIG for me!!!"

Garando: "Use a clip or something."

Garandee: " ... "

To my friends, so sorry for not being able to bloghop yet. Hopefully my life will go back to normal after we're all settled in our new home.

Thanks for your understanding!

Garando mode:
Better it was her undies than the other way around.
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