Monday, May 11, 2009

The Danger Of Sleeping

Garandee: "Garando! Look at this... What's that?"

Garando: " ...GASP! That's a picture of me sleeping with my mouth open. IKAW!!! You took my photo!?!?"

Garandee: "See? That's proof that it's not only me. You're even worse."

Garando: "Well, be glad that I don't snore."

Garandee: "Hmmm... maybe."

Garando: "Now go ahead and delete that before someone else sees it!"

Garandee: "I already sent it to Mom."

Garando: " !!! "

Garando mode:
Someone will find a peanut in her bellybutton when she wakes up...


witsandnuts said...

Hahaha! Garandee is so cute! And lol on peanut on bellybutton. =)

kg said...

so next time...either wag matulog o isara ang bibig! :)

btw, whose mom did she send it to? yours or hers? pwede na pang blackmail yun ha! he! he!

missed you garando!

Garando said...

yes, revenge is mine! :D

Korek! She sent it to her Mom! Can you believe that?? (><)
Sorry for being out of commission for awhile, it got so busy at work when I came back. Tapos my Mom came over to visit pa. BUT, things are back to normal now, so I'm back! :D

Leamsi said...

glad you're back garando!

and so garandee strikes back!


Anonymous said...

I'm whiling away my time in your blog. Nag-e-enjoy kasi ako.

Hmmm...gusto mong gumanti? While Garandee's asleep, paint her face using a water-based paint (basta lang hypoallergenic sya or something). Tapos tell her that you already posted her pic in your blog.

Missy said...

welcome back!!! I miss your posts na and waiting sa kwento mo from your trip and curious kung saan ka ba galing talaga? hehehe It's funny if you will put a peanut in Garandee's belly button...ikaw ha, wawa naman siya.....wag naman peanut iba na lang....hehehe

onyxx said...

i think garandee win this round :)

Chyng said...

tagal mo din nagblog ha.. yey, may update na! patingin din kame ng open mouthed you. hehe

Pinky said...

Got here from Nebz... Your blog is HEE-La-Ri-YUS!!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Do keep a lot of us smiling :)

Unknown said...

Guess everybody have some interesting sleeping habits, that's normal :)
I don't know about my sleeping habits because I have never seen it....I guess it's because I always sleep even when I want to check my habits :D

mordsith said...

Please tell us what Garandee's mom said. Is she as witty as her daughter? :)

The Pope said...

That's the sweetest revenge hahahahaha "peanut butter in bellybutton".

A blessed morning Mr. G.

Garando said...

Hi! Yeah, these things make me think that it's great to be back home. lol :D

LOL! Pag ginawa ko yan magugutom ako for sure. Let me see what I can do with an eyeliner instead. :D
Btw, thank you very much for featuring me on your blog! I was very much surprised! Such feedback really inspires me to keep writing! :)

I'm back!! Yup, will post about my trip next! ;) Sige na nga, wag na lang peanut, peanut butter na lang siguro tulad ng sabi ni Pope sa comment nya. :D

Maybe! She can enjoy it while she can. *snicker*

Oo I was sooo busy for a couple of weeks, dami kong baon na work from my trip eh. Copy? Sorry ka na lang, binura ko na. LOL! I'm worried nga lang kung ano ginawa ng Mom nya sa photo ko.

Hello! Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you enjoyed Balut & Natto. Like I told Nebz just now, your feedback greatly inspires me to write more! Thanks! :)

Hmmmm... How about using a videocamera to record yourself while you sleep? :D
Guess what, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have a a few more outrageous sleeping stories because it gets much more interesting when you're married. ;)

What's worse is that Garandee didn't get a reply from her Mom. Now I'm left to wonder what her Mom's reaction was. Two possibilities:
1) "How cute, he sleeps like a baby!"
2) "OMG! What did I get myself into?!"

The Pope:
Good morning! I was planning to put a peanut lang, but peanut butter sounds even more sinister! Hmmmm.... :D

Midge said...

I was suffering from a serious bout of depression earlier, but this particular entry put a smile on my face.

(Good luck with the peanut, though...)

Layman said...

Better yet, if you want to be truly evil, record her snoring. :)


sheng said...

oh man, that was cool of her to do that, hahaha... ooopppsss, sorry, i bet she was hysterically laughing her wits off after that...

Sweet revenge, Garandee wins this round...

Alice said...

*GASP* I sleep with my mouth open too!

Garandee is funny! And you're "evil" for taking her pic like that! LOL!

lenj said...

Garandee is so funny! Your post today put a smile on me! ^__^

Garando said...

I'm glad that my post somehow cheered you up... But I'm sorry to hear about your situation, and do hope that you'll be alright. Take it easy ok!

Ah! Better yet, I'll record when she talks during her sleep!

She does the weirdest things. But yeah, maybe she's just getting even! :D

Alice Teh:
Actually, she was the one who took my pic. lol
I should definitely sleep with more style next time. Got any tips? :D

Good to know! Looks like there's some goodness to all our silliness. ;)

Unknown said...

How to sleep with more style?
Maybe dress up, add some hair fixer and deodorant?
Get a fancy clothe and make your hair and done, you're stylish!
Now you just have to sleep! :D

Or you could try some sedatives :)

Dennis Villegas said...

I have a great time laughing reading this post heheheh. Sobrang nakakatawa kayo ni Garandee hahahahh. Ang cute heheh.
Mas worse pa yata ako matulog kaysa sayo..hehehe

Rico said...

Haha! Just pray that your MIL won't share it, or else!

ms firefly said...

hihihi, so funny! i'm giggling now!
garandee has superb sense of humor!

jeanny said...

cute....Im learning things from garande. later paunahin kong mag sleep si hubz lol

Glad your back mr. g :)

Garando said...

LOL! If I did that, I wouldn't have to get ready for work the following morning. :D I can just get up, and go!

Dennis Villegas:
Ganun? hehe. Wala ito, marami pakong kwento, abangan nyo. ;D

I doubt she'll share it. She would not be able to live with the humiliation. LOL!

Ms Firefly:
Hello! You're back! Yeah, ang kulit nun sobra. I doubt I'll ever run out of something to write about.

Yes, I'm back! Pero still trying to catch up with my bloghopping. :D
Naku, baka di ka na payagan ng asawa mo magbasa ng Balut & Natto! In any case, padala mo na lang samin yung photo. :D

caryn said...

wahaahha! winner hiritan talaga! welcome back garando! we're waiting for feectures! demanding ba? hahaha!

Garando said...

Thanks! It's great to be back! Yes, the feectures will start to trickle in, promise!
Are you also "cpsanti"? Because I just saw Chyng call "cpsanti" "Caryn" in my other post. :D

dyosa said...

I-post na 'yang picture na yan!


Garando said...

LOL!! Asa ka. :D