Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conversations In Bed

After a busy day at work, it's the conversations that couples have before going to sleep that usually matter most...

Garandee: "Garando..."

Garando: "Yaaawn... Yes dear?"

Garandee: "Why is your nose too small for your face?"

Garando: "It's not small... You just find it unusual because your head's too big."

Garandee: "Nyo! My head is normal!"

Garando: "Then why do you think your eyes are too far apart?"

Garandee: "NYO! My eyes are fine! It's your stomach that's big!

Garando: " ... "

Garandee: "You really need to go on a diet you know, and you have always been telling me that... that... Do?"

Garando: "ZZZzzzzzz...."

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Warsaw, Poland: Series 2 (part 2)

History of Warsaw 02

Separated by war, Iza’s grandparents struggle to survive each day with the hope of finding each other again… alive. This post continues their fascinating story through World War II.

read part one

01 history 07

Iza’s grandfather decided to join the ranks of the British SAS as a fighter pilot. If he was never to see his family again, he might was well fight in their honor.

02 history 11

Years passed and her grandfather survived mission after mission, taking down Axis planes and bombing strategic targets. Through the horrors of battle, his wife and children were never far from his mind.

04 history 12b

He was staying alive for them.

03 history 26

1945 Germany surrenders. At this point, Poland was obliterated. Millions upon millions of Polish Jews were executed during the holocaust.

05 history 09

But the end of the war also meant that her grandfather can finally go back home. Back to that remote town in Poland, back to his family. Something he had been looking forward to for six long years.

…if his family ever survived at all.

06 history 10

Upon reaching the old town where they used to live, he searched tirelessly until he saw what looked like his children. After six gruesome years of fighting, his children struggled to recognize him.

He was taken to their new home, and there he finally saw his wife.

history 08

It was their first time to meet after being separated for six long years.

history 25

For Iza’s grandfather, nothing has changed. But for her grandmother, life had moved on. She had married someone else for she thought that her husband was killed at sea.

history 13

Her grandfather went back to England and settled there. Perhaps seeing his family alive was well enough, even if he could no longer live them.

history 23

Poland should and always be an inspiration to all the countries who have been or are currently oppressed. The lessons that we learn from its history should never ever be forgotten.

In these photos:
I chanced a photo exhibit called "Warsaw from Above" that featured never-seen-before aerial reconnaissance photographs of Poland during World War II. These Allied planes served as witness to the utter devastation of Warsaw, you will even notice some of its buildings continue to spew out smoke as it burned to the ground.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warsaw, Poland: Series 2 (part 1)

00 history 23

Poland’s history was nothing short of heartbreaking after being devastated by the Third Reich during World War II and enduring the hard life brought about the Soviet Communist regime. But it’s through these grueling times you will find stories of hope, courage and faith.

01 history 01

I want to share one of the most amazing World War II stories I’ve ever heard, told by my good friend, Iza.

02 history 02

Iza’s grandparents lived in a diverse town a few miles from Warsaw, where people of different nationalities lived together with the Polish in harmony.

11 history 17

Her grandfather was a fisherman and was out at sea when news broke out that the German Nazis had invaded Poland.

04 history 05

As the Nazi’s pushed deeper into their country, Iza’s grandmother had no choice but to flee the town. Not knowing the state of her husband made the already dire situation even more agonizing.

05 history 19

Luckily, their German neighbors who were almost like family to them, took her and her children as they relocated somewhere they thought would be safe:

06 history 06

Right in the middle of Nazi occupied territory.

07 history 03

Iza’s family posed as house servants to their German neighbors, earning them the necessary permits to prevent them from being thrown into the ghettos.

08 history 14

Each day they lived in fear, not knowing how long their permit will last, or if civilian spies would soon blow their cover.

09 history 04

Iza’s grandfather feared for his family’s safety, but sailing back home would mean certain death for him and his crew.

09 history 18

Fuel and supplies were running low, he made a painful decision to turn back and sail to the nearest country that has not yet been occupied by the Germans.

03 history 16

Iza’s grandparents had no clue that they will be separated on that fateful day. Each day as both struggled to survive, hope diminished that they would ever see each other again… But this is only half the story.

12 history 22

In these photos:
- Surviving Ghettos now serve as monuments dedicated to the Jewish people who died during the holocaust.
- A parade of residents in costume representing the Polish, British, Russian battalions, and a Jewish family to commemorate both the heroes and victims of World War II.

to be continued....

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Contest Entry

Glenda of Oodles and Goodles, is celebrating her birthday this June and she's giving away beautiful prizes to somebody who can share the best quote. Check out the prizes and rules here.

And here's my entry! Drum roll please...

Weemee Do quote contest

Ok, I know that's not exactly a winning entry. But it was better than the other quote I was looking at:

"She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon."
- Groucho Marx

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Special Skills

Last night we were scanning through cable TV channels when we came across this live show that featured Chinese acrobats.

Garando: "Wow! These Chinese acrobats are so amazing aren't they?"

Garandee: "They must have started training at a very young age. I bet it earns them a lot of money."

Garando: "True. It takes years to develop that special skill."

Garandee: "Do... What's my special skill?"

Garando: "Complaining."

Garandee: "Complaining!! And what's your special skill?!"

Garando: "Cleaning up your mess."

Garandee: "NYO!!"

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Awards and A Blog Feature

I'd like to thank a few people for recognizing Balut & Natto with awards and for featuring my site in their blog. I want you guys to know how much I really appreciate it!

Weemee Do isladenebz feature

Blog Feature
Balut and Natto was featured here by Isladenebz, who's based in the Middle East and is one of the notable OFW (Filipino Expatriate) bloggers in the internet.

Weemee Do interesting and I love

Interesting Blog Award and I Love Your Blog Award
from The Pope, who's also based in the Middle East and is a significant contributor to the upcoming "Kablogs" the Pinoy Expat Blog Awards.

Weemee Do Neno and Kreativ

Neno's Award and Kreative Blogger Award
from Shadowmoon, who hails from Brazil. Shadowmoon creates brilliant papercraft models, it's an amazing showcase of creativity and attention to detail! Since this is the second time I received these awards, you can read the meme here.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Japaninang

There is no escape.

Now that Garandee has decided to settle in the Philippines, a country whose population is about 80% Catholic, it was only a matter of time before she became a Ninang (Godmother)

So about a year ago, she finally got the offer she couldn't refuse. She became a full-pledged Ninang with all the necessary perks included. A year later, she was invited to her goddaughter's first birthday party.

It was about an hour's drive to her goddaughter's party and Garandee was pretty excited to see her.

BUT we were late... and goddaughter wasn't too pleased.

Thea 01

Isn't she adorable?

Thea 02

She was very skeptical when I took out my bucket of excuses...

Thea 03

But it looks like she bought it! So we were off the hook...


Her big brother is also a cutie by the way.


...thank heavens they didn't follow after their Dad.

Thea 04

Garandee: "I will limit my godchildren to at most, two. The less I have the more attention and love I can give them!"

Garando: "Good luck with that. I stopped counting godkids after reaching seven."

(play Godfather theme here)

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It's great to be back in civilization! Yes, it took over two weeks to get my internet back up and running properly.

Can you guess the reason why I got disconnected?
a) A Telecom repair person yanked my connection and forgot to plug it back in
b) My broadband modem was qualified to be traded-off in an antique store
c) A Telecom engineer messed with my account giving me blazing speeds comparable to a dial-up connection.

I'll give you the answer right now: d) All of the above!

Wasn't that exciting?!

(sarcasm mode: off)

On the bright side, at least Garandee and I were able to spend more quality time together. She got to watch all her pending Japanese soap dramas, and I got to...

got to...

uhhh... the support hotline constantly and bug them to hell. Sigh.

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