Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kablogs Award

A few months ago I happened to come across the OFW (Overseas Filipino workers / expatriates) community in the internet. I enjoyed reading blogs about their experiences living in foreign soil, their personal thoughts about home and family, and not to mention the really nice photos they share!

Recently Thoughtsmoto held the "Kablogs award" - The Filipino worker/expat blog awards to recognize the best blogs among the community. I was a proud supporter but I had no idea that non-OFW blogs could also win!

Weemee Do Kablogs Award
"Blog na nagpapakita ng kakaibang
impormasyon at mga kwento

A blog that contains unique information and stories

Late last week I was very surprised when Balut & Natto was awarded with the "Astig Ng Blog Mo (Your blog is Cool)" Award!

Thank you to the Kablogs team, and of course to all those who nominated and voted for me! I really appreciate it!

I also want to congratulate all the other winners specially Isladenebz for winning the "Great Layout" Award! Head on over here to see the rest of the awards.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garandee Has a Fever

Oh my gulay...

The turnover date of our new home is in a couple of days and I had no idea the preparations for the move would be this hectic! Apart from my day job's already crazy schedule, all the requirements and paperwork that came with my mortgage application, the furniture and supplier hunt ate up whatever free time I had left.

Worst of all, I think my wife's finally got the "new home fever".

Garandee: "Oh, what's that you bought?"

Garando: "It's a cable organizer! It wraps all my PC's cables and wires together making it all neat and tidy. It's so cool! Perfect for my new room!"

Garandee: "IKAW!!!"

Garando: " !!! "

Garandee: "IT'S NOT WHITE!!!"

Garando: " ??? "

Garandee: "Why - didn't - you - buy - WHITE?!?!"

Garando: "uhh... because I was thinking about cleaning up the wires?"

Garandee: "You should have bought WHITE!!"

Garando: "but..."

Garandee: "Ask me first before you buy OK?! You didn't tell me you'll buy..."

Garando: ""

Garandee: "Nyo! That... whatever that thing is!"

Garando: "I meant the cables and wires are black. It matches right?"

Garandee: "NYO! You didn't say you'll buy... Oh never mind! It's your room anyway."

That evening...

Garando: "Not bad, not bad at all! I couldn't get all the wires in, but it sure looks a lot tidier now. What do you think of my BLACK cable organizer? Pretty cool, huh?"

She gave me that "look" and I instantly knew what was on her mind.

Garandee's mind: "WHAT-EVAAHH!!"

New home fever.

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