Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warsaw, Poland: Series 1 (part 2)

people of warsaw 30

Here's the second set of my photos, plus the continuation of my very "engaging" chess match.

read part 1

people of warsaw 20

people of warsaw 32

people of warsaw 28

people of warsaw 26

people of warsaw 25

people of warsaw 34

people of warsaw 22

people of warsaw 21

people of warsaw 18

people of warsaw 29

people of warsaw 23

people of warsaw 24

people of warsaw 27

people of warsaw 19

people of warsaw 31

Continued from part 1...

10 zlotys at stake, my first ever Polish chess match began.

chess game 02

I didn’t even break a sweat.

chess game 03

Because in a blink of an eye, the game was over.

I got my ass kicked, dragged around the town square, and handed back to me... all in just under 5 minutes. I - lost!

He even helped me get out of five “check” situations, how pathetic is that?

Garando: “Wow, you’re very good.”

Old man: “ … “

Garando: “Ok my turn! Let’s play DAMA!”

Old man: “ ? “

Garando: “That’s a popular game where I came from.”

Old man: “ … “

Garando: “We usually use pebbles or used soda crowns after vandalizing the sidewalk to draw the pattern used for the game… but we can use your chessboard instead.”

Old man: “ !!! ”

Garando: “Don’t worry, it’s easy! Let’s play for 20 zloty.”

Old man: “ %$@#*&%# (speaking in Polish).”

Then as fast as he appeared, the chess master hastily walked away.

chess game 04

…with my 10 zloty.

I wasn't sure what he said when he left, but it sounded like it had a lot of consonants.

I hope he didn’t misunderstand that I wanted to vandalize his chessboard. Dama was only Chinese Checkers after all.

(more photos here)

Garando mode:
I should have just bought gelato instead...


Unknown said...

Nice pictures.
Really an European city. It's a really nice atmosphere, I don't know why nor how.

Chess is not an easy game and if you don't practice or don't like to think than you've already lost it.
I, for one, feel unable to think ahead and see which are the possibilities of move. I admire the ones who can do that because I feel I can't. I never really tried to learn how to do that so I don't say that I can't do it, I just haven't tried.

And how much is 10 zloty in...US dollars (because that's the only current I have of parameter :P)?

But...5 minutes of game and you lost? You really should have bought an ice cream :P

The Pope said...

I love the vivid colors europe as captured in your lens. It is one of my biggest dream to visit Europe especially Rome.

Natawa ako when you later challenge him for a Dama match hahahaha.

Mr. G., I am sharing my tag awards with you, please grab it across the Arabian Gulf.

Life is beautiful, keep on blogging.

kg said...

very funny! i can just imagine him quickly grabbing his chess board like a kid whose toy is about to be taken by somebody! he! he!

i love your pictures! i can see clearly the culture of Poland [or Europe for that matter]. i noticed the pic with the artist. have you noticed that europeans love art too much? they have may museums and there are so many artists in the streets doing their stuff? it's really part of their culture.

Missy said...

I love all your vivid photos; and the triplets are so cute :-) It's so funny how you kick the old guy off from your sight :-) I bet you wanted to finish the game quick so you can take more photos LOL (for the price of 10 zlotys hahaha).

sheng said...

i could just imagine the look on the old man's face... hahaha... dama, and vandalizing his chess board...

mordsith said...

at least you tried to win. did you? :)

Rico said...

I'm sure you let him win, out of respect. He is after all an old man and has much need for the 10 zloty.;)
Warsaw looks very beautiful. Excellent shots!

Midge said...

LOL'd - seriously LOL'd - at the part where the old gent fled when you challenged him to a game of dama.

*snerk* Intimidated kaya?

witsandnuts said...

Colorful shots! Ang cute nung second photo, are they triplet? Nakakatuwa rin yung bata na nakapasan sa father nya. Pero nakakaworry, parang mahuhulog sya. =)

ms firefly said...

i love the 3 tots in a buggy! ^-^
what an awwwwww moment, as they gazed questioningly at the women of their lives. hehe

about your chess game, at least you gave the old man a very interesting tale to tell for the rest of his life, how he thrashed one foreign guy unmercilessly one sunny day in a busy street of warsaw. he will always have a naughty grin on his face everytime he remembers you. ^-^

sheng said...

I love every pic you have shared with us, very nice. I wish i could visit Poland soon too.

Sidney said...

Great "people" you lost !

aurbie said...

Nice you let him win. I would have had no problem with him beating me. I am a pretty good chess player but the Polish and Russians really know to play chess.

I love the last shot.

Hope you are joining us in our Friday shoot out this week. If I do not have you listed as a shooter, shoot me an email.

jeanny said...

great shots Garando. Love everything! Thanks for sharing those neat photo

That funny with the old man ha, what if you told him na it's chinese checkers you think he will play with you! :)

Happy Weekend!!!!

Nebz said...

(Grrr! Second comment ko na to. Nag-error ung first. Hope I can recall what I originally said)...

Subtitle ng post mo: The colorful people of Warsaw. Ganda ng mga kulay sa photos mo.

So ikaw pala ang natalo sa chess. How much ba is 10 zloty? I laughed at the photo of your opponent leaving hurriedly. Parang takot na takot sa yo. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a very warm country. punta din ako diyan LOL

Sleepless In KL said...

Awesome pics! People didn't mind having their pics taken?

Lei said...

Hello! (: I haven't commented here before... but I always read your blogs. ^-^* The ones about your wife are extremely funny! =] & I love your photos! I wish I can also travel and take stunning photography of different building structures & interesting people! *;]

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

This is what I always would like to do. Taking photographs of places and people.
Excellent photos you have here. These are sceneries I can only see from the movies with European settings.

Alice said...

Great photos, Garando! So you gave your 10 zloty away to the other guy... It's OK... LOL!

glenda said...

Haha! Buti na lang 10 zlotys lang and not the original 20 zlotys at stake!

Pinky said...

Great pictures! Gives us a taste of Poland with its characteristic old world charm - thanks for sharing!

And your 10 zlotys? You can literally charge that to experience - hahaha!

Lantaw said...

hahaha. im sure the chessmaster would swore more if you explained that dama would be played "perde gana" :D

physiquemama said...

I have kept saying the same thing but you're such a photographer. Mmmmmm...(-_-)

Garando said...

I've always sucked at chess. Not sure why, it probably gave me brain-stress. I do play simpler board games like checkers or backgammon though. I still prefer ice cream the most! :D
10 zloty is about $3.50, at least that was the rate when I was there.

The Pope:
Wow, thanks for the tag! I'll visit your blog and pick it up shortly. :) I do hope you get to live your dream and visit Europe someday. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Yeah, art is truly a part of their culture. You can see it in their architecture, food, films, everything! Hopefully it serves as an inspiration to us, Filipinos. :)

You got me! Yes, the old man probably felt so awkward after seeing how busy I was taking the shots rather than concentrating on the game.

Sheng & Midge:
He didn't look upset though. Maybe I was just not making sense so he decided to leave. :D

Well... I admit I was more pre-occupied with taking photos of the match than trying to win. LOL!

Thank you! I hope he puts that 10 zloty to good use. One thing's for sure though: I would never have won even if I tried real hard. LOL :D

Witsandnuts & Ms Firefly:
Yes, they are most likely triplets. The Mom seemed like she was showing them off to that lady kase. :)

Ms Firefly:
Oo nga, sayang he didn't give me an opportunity to ask for his email. I would've sent him photos of that "gullible foreigner". :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! If ever you do get to visit Europe in the future, I will definitely look forward to your photos and stories!

Thanks. Yes, I guess I was bound to lose. At least I was able to take photos during the match. :D

Yeah, they're very passionate about the game.
Thanks for the invite! I will try to do a Friday shootout one of these days. It's a little tough because of my day job. But when I get to do it, I will surely drop you a note. :)

Thank you! Well... I still doubt he'll play checkers with me, but I would've stood a good chance of winning back my money if he did! hehe!

Oh, that happened to me so many times too! I've started a habit of highlighting my comment then pressing CTRL + C before I click on the "Publish Your Comment" button. It helps!
10 zloty is about P170 or $3.5, at least during the time I was there. :)

The people were very warm, but the climate was very cold! brrrrrrr!! :D

Sleepless in KL:
Hmmmm.... Not sure how they felt about me taking their photos. I wasn't taking any chances, so I used a zoom lens para kunwari yung mga buildings ang kinukunan ko. :D

Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment! You're Missy's daughter aren't you? I saw your family photo in your blog, it was adorable! :)
You and your mom take very nice photos, so I will be looking forward to your travel logs! ;)

Dodong Flores:
Thank you!

Alice Teh:
Thank you! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the photos I took during the match. At least I came home with a funny story worth 10 zlotys. :)

Oo nga. The skills I learned from the tiangge finally paid off didn't it? :D

Thanks! Yes, like I told Alice Teh, it was worth the funny story I brought home. :D

LOL! You know I'm still clueless what he told me. Hopefully he just said "Goodbye" in Polish. :D

Thank you very much! (_ _)
Please say it a few more times so Garandee starts becoming jealous after realizing I'm becoming better then her. ha! :D

twishinky said...

its the first time i took time to read this--- you have a wonderful eye for people! The pictures are so vivid...

Glad you had a great time... and i figure the lost chess match was well worth the stories you now have :P.

Garando said...

Thanks! There's actually one more story I've been itching to tell. Hopefully I get to post that this weekend. ;)