Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kablogs Award

A few months ago I happened to come across the OFW (Overseas Filipino workers / expatriates) community in the internet. I enjoyed reading blogs about their experiences living in foreign soil, their personal thoughts about home and family, and not to mention the really nice photos they share!

Recently Thoughtsmoto held the "Kablogs award" - The Filipino worker/expat blog awards to recognize the best blogs among the community. I was a proud supporter but I had no idea that non-OFW blogs could also win!

Weemee Do Kablogs Award
"Blog na nagpapakita ng kakaibang
impormasyon at mga kwento

A blog that contains unique information and stories

Late last week I was very surprised when Balut & Natto was awarded with the "Astig Ng Blog Mo (Your blog is Cool)" Award!

Thank you to the Kablogs team, and of course to all those who nominated and voted for me! I really appreciate it!

I also want to congratulate all the other winners specially Isladenebz for winning the "Great Layout" Award! Head on over here to see the rest of the awards.

Garando mode:
Maraming Salamat Po (Thank you very much)!!


D.L. Verzosa said...

just blog hopping....
keep safe and God bless!

kg said...

wow garando, ibang level ka na! congrats! for me, you totally deserve the award!

oh ayan ha, kaya mag post ka na ng marami!

Garando said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. :)

Thank you so much! Hehehe... oo nga, I'll have to make up for lost time. :D
Friends like you inspire me to keep Balut & Natto going! Have a great weekend!

A-Z-3-L said...

nahilo ako sa mode ni garando... hahahahaha!

Congrats po... you deserve it! astig naman talaga itong blog mo eh...

keep on blogging! keep on writing!

at si garando... wag mong pahintuin pagsasaya ha... hahahahaha! aaliw ako!

2ngaw said...

Wow!!!Congrats naman :) patuloy lang po ang suporta sa KaBlogs at patuloy namin kayong pangingitiin kahit sa munting paraan lamang :)

sheng said...

Garando! It's weeks that I knew of this kablog award you got, it went out of my mind that i forgot saying my Congratulations with matching flailing arms... ala Wowowee! But promise, you really deserve it. So get your thoughts running! Post more!

The Pope said...

Mr. G, I am one of your ardent follower (does it sound stalker? hahahaha), if there is anyone in my mind that deserves this award is only you and your Balut & Natto, you really deserve it.

CONGRATULATIONS to you and regards to Mrs. G.

God bless.

sunny said...

congratulations! hopped here!

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

congratulations on winning the award! You deserve it!

twishinky said...

kudos and snaps to you, your lovely blog completely deserves it! Congrats!

Jules said...

Wuehehehe..Iba kna tlga Garando! I'm sure Garandee was so proud of you. And you really deserve it. =D

Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

escape said...

congratulations! well deserved naman talaga.

Midge said...

Uy, congrats!

Missy said...

Congrats Garando for your Astig award from the way I won the funniest blog award for my other blog site (hulascoop) kahit corny (sa iba) hehehe...minsan naman dalawin mo rin yun blog ko na yun para mo ng awa hahahaha (joke lang)

Nebz said...

Thanks, G. For me (and for the others who are reading your blog), you're not only Astig, you're also funny and sound and your posts something to always watch out for.

(Parang MAS tayo a - mutual admiration society!).

Congrats po.

jeanny said...

wow bigatin ka na Garando.congrats!!! YOu rock bro!!!

ms firefly said...

hallo 'do and 'dee! how's the new home? i'm so excited to see pics of it!!!

congratulations on the award, well-deserved!

Kamote Empire said...

funny blog, i like it, i'll follow it, then i'll eat up every word