Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garandee Has a Fever

Oh my gulay...

The turnover date of our new home is in a couple of days and I had no idea the preparations for the move would be this hectic! Apart from my day job's already crazy schedule, all the requirements and paperwork that came with my mortgage application, the furniture and supplier hunt ate up whatever free time I had left.

Worst of all, I think my wife's finally got the "new home fever".

Garandee: "Oh, what's that you bought?"

Garando: "It's a cable organizer! It wraps all my PC's cables and wires together making it all neat and tidy. It's so cool! Perfect for my new room!"

Garandee: "IKAW!!!"

Garando: " !!! "

Garandee: "IT'S NOT WHITE!!!"

Garando: " ??? "

Garandee: "Why - didn't - you - buy - WHITE?!?!"

Garando: "uhh... because I was thinking about cleaning up the wires?"

Garandee: "You should have bought WHITE!!"

Garando: "but..."

Garandee: "Ask me first before you buy OK?! You didn't tell me you'll buy..."

Garando: ""

Garandee: "Nyo! That... whatever that thing is!"

Garando: "I meant the cables and wires are black. It matches right?"

Garandee: "NYO! You didn't say you'll buy... Oh never mind! It's your room anyway."

That evening...

Garando: "Not bad, not bad at all! I couldn't get all the wires in, but it sure looks a lot tidier now. What do you think of my BLACK cable organizer? Pretty cool, huh?"

She gave me that "look" and I instantly knew what was on her mind.

Garandee's mind: "WHAT-EVAAHH!!"

New home fever.

Garando mode:
So sorry for dropping in and out of existence. Extremely busy right now...


sheng said...

Hahahhaa, dapat white lahat? Natawa naman ako dun, when we moved in, i knew the house would be muti-colored as we have kids to educate as to colors, hahaha. Enjoy Garandee's white fever!

physiquemama said...

Ahhhhhhh!!! I can totally understand her!!!

My husband also buys things such as dusters, kitchen sponges, cleaning tools without my permission and they are all different colors. (I prefer white, cream or beige only.)

The other day, he bought a fun for me for surprise but its color was light blue. I knew he expected that I would be glad so I just said, "Thank you! I've been wanted one!"

I don't need any surprise presents.

SleeplessInKL said...

at first i thought she's sick. haha! ah well, us women are like that ;)

fortuitous faery said...

for a moment there, i thought she caught your swine flu. better to have "new home fever" than actual high-temperature kind of fever! :P

witsandnuts said...

Haha. And I thought she had a flu. Take your time. Moving in to a new home is exciting and challenging.

Midge said...

AHA! Kaya pala matagal ka di nakapag-blog! Well, have fun getting ready to move! :D

Anonymous said...

Because white looks clean, and white goes with any color (but come to think of it, even black does d ba?!). I think Garandee has something in mind like an all-white furniture with dark color draperies and earth-color walls.

There's no cure for a 'new home fever' except to go along with what the missus wants. Excited lang talaga si Garandee.

The Pope said...

I thought she really got a fever, its "new home fever" pala hahaha, and that explains why you'd been in and out of circulation.

God bless and next time try to buy several color so there will be lots of options for Mrs. G to choose from hahaha.

kg said...

you know how women can be obsessed with aesthetics! everything has to match and blend in! i'm with garandee here! he! he!

nice to hear from you again garando. i so miss your posts! really! :)

Alice said...

Hello Garando!!! And hello to Garandee too... (don't be too hard on him... LOL!)

Missy said...

hey you're back! I miss your posts na and I miss Garandee too :-) she's so excited with your new home talaga ha, it looks interesting to buy the cable organizer too, makabili nga nyan hehehe kasi puro cable ty wrap lang ang sa amin e hehehe...congrats pala sa new home nyo, next time yun picture ng new home nyo ha? hehehe

jeanny said...

kasi naman magpaalam hahahaha!!!!!

Hope you an post pic ng new home nyo ;)

Chyng said...

wag kna lumaban, siya ang boss.

josie said...

When I was 9 yrs old, my mom managed to move us to a new home in one day without any signs of the imminent move. We went to school that morning, and at the end of the day, the school bus dropped us off at our new home. Imagine our surprise. There were no signs of boxes or things being put away. Up to this day, I cannot imagine how she managed to do it.
BTW, I recently found your blog and I absolutely love it.

Unknown said...

White fever hihihi...;D All white?! I can't imagine it, i think she wants all to be look clean huh..;D Just enjoy! ;D

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Garando said...

Yes, for Garandee everything must be white. Our plates, our bedcovers, our pillows, my teeth. :D

Wow, so it looks like your husband and I have something in common! Today I bought a new PC keyboard, but this time it's white. Garandee didn't complain, so it looks like I passed! :)

Sleepless in KL:
Yeah, I've given up trying to understand an oddity like Garandee. :D

Fortuitous Faery:
True! I actually have one more swine flu story I've been meaning to post. I'll try do it this weekend.

Yeah, I had no idea how tough moving was until I saw the all the paperwork and errands I need to do. :D

Thanks! Yeah it's been super busy, when I get home I'm so tired I just want to watch TV until I fall asleep.

The place we're living now actually looks like a hospital... at least in my opinion. Everything's white. Wall, floor, bed, chairs.. you can just imagine how nervous I get when I open a bottle of ketchup. :D

The Pope:
Thank you for the well wishes! I guess I can stay out of trouble when I buy other colors as long as they are all in the shade of ... white! haha. :D

Thank you. I'm back! :) Though I'm not sure I can post as often as I used to, at least for a month or two until we get all settled in the new place. I heard pa nga that it takes 1-2 months daw to transfer my phone and DSL to a new address. Yikes!

Alice Teh:
Thank you very much for being on MY SIDE! Will make sure Garandee reads this! lol :D

Thank you! I'm sure meron din sigurong mga cable organizers sa daiso. Mura lang yata yun eh. Baka may mga SANRIO designs pa yung mga nandyan. hehehe. Yup, I'll take photos of our new place pag may mga furnitures na. Right now mukha syang dressing room ng SM. Walang laman. hehehe.

Hahaha sorry po! Sige, I'll make sure I post about it first before I dissappear. haha. Sige will post some photos if naayos na namin. :D

Sinubukan kong lumaban. Pero mahirap magutom. :D

Welcome to Balut & Natto! I'm glad that you liked reading my posts. Wow, she managed to move in one day?! That's amazing! Your mom must be very disciplined and organized. ;) My initial estimates is that it might even take us close to a week to finish moving.

Yeah, she has a fetish for white. :D

physiquemama said...

fun > fan

twishinky said...

i completely relate. took us 5 days to completely move (pasig girl now) and still half our stuff is scattered all over the place.

Speaking of which, got a ref yet? we are selling an extra one, 11 cubic feet. Unfortunately it isn't white, its steel gray... :P

Also selling an oversized double bed, a leg massager, a foot massager, custom made table + seat set, possibly a sofa... :D

Hope you don't mind me posting...

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