Monday, February 16, 2009

Dee's New Do!

No, she doesn't have a new Garando, she's still stuck with THIS Garando (pointing at my nose). What she did get was a completely new Hairdo.


It took me about a minute or two to recover from the shock: Her hair was 60% shorter, I would certainly not recognize her if she hadn't smiled at me... I'd recognize those big incisors anywhere.

Hair Stylists can be unpredictable.

After reading Gigi's post about how pushy some salons in Manila can be, it reminded me of how hostile they were to me. "Why's that?" you ask...

Because I'm proud to be kulot (curly).

I'm no afro, but my hair is very wavy. When I was in high school I promised myself that I'll drop the clean-cut on my 30th birthday. The moment I reached that milestone, I stopped my regular visits to Bruno's the friendly neighborhood barber shop.

After about 8 months, I began to look like a homeless person so I thought it was about time to head to a salon and put some sense into my hair.

I tried David's Salon but came running out when the stylist told me he wanted to iron my hair.

I went to Bench Fixx Salon, but the stench of hair-straightening chemicals was too nauseating, so I left.

I didn't even think twice of avoiding Going Straight Salon.

I finally went to Piandre Salon in Greenbelt, because people there looked like they knew what they were doing....Or so I thought.

I knew I shouldn't have read that GQ magazine while they were workin' on my hair. I gasped when I looked at the mirror as they were finishing up.


I looked like Palito, one of the institutions in Philippine comedy*.

Now I go to the same salon as Garandee. I've finally found a salon who will accept me for who I am (kulot!) and so far I've been very satisfied with their snipping. It's a minimalist salon manned by two Japanese stylists. Maybe you'd want to check it out too. Satisfaction guaranteed, kulot or not.

Now should I ask if Garandee if her Stylist's dead in a ditch somewhere? Hmmmm, maybe not... looks like she likes her new 'do.

*Check out Dennis Villegas' excellent article and photos of Palito here.

Garando mode:
It's extremely hot tonight... looks like Summer's around the corner...


Anonymous said...

Uy where is that? I might check that!

I hate it when those parlorista would say, uy sister dry na hair mo, baka gusto mo ng rebond.....hello straight kaya buhok ko....

They would say anything just market their products di ba!?

Hmmm....garandee's hair looks cute:)

Anonymous said...

jeanny is right...nakakainis kasi minsan, all you came to the salon for is haircut, pero when you get there, ang daming sinasabi...naki damaged na hair mo...magpa hair spa ka or treatment! gusto ko sabihin, hello! gusto ko all natural, kaya hilaw na itlog at gatas nilalagay ko dyan! he! he! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, where is that salon? almost always i get disappointed immediately after I had my hair cut... either i look like a boy or sisa (from noli me tangere) lol.

Anonymous said...

hmm, being kulot is something you should really be proud of, haha. You sure were surprised to see Garandee in her new look because she has been wearing it long ever since, and that's the theory of familiarity. It takes some time to get used to it.

Garando said...

Sei salon
6F Republic Glass Bldg.
196 Salcedo St.
Legazpi Village Makati
Matutuwa si Garandee when she sees your comment about her hair! Yeah, she looks younger pati. Mas naging makulit nga lang. LOL!

LOL! OO nga, I'm wondering why everybody wanted to straighten, relax, even color my hair eh. Gusto ko lang naman magpa gupit.
Seryoso? you put those on your hair?

LOL! Please see the name and address in my reply to Jeanny (above). Check it out, you might like the result. Ask for Ryoko-san, she's the younger stylist.

Yeah, medyo na shock nga ako but now I really like her hair! She didn't mention anything about cutting it really short, so I guess she meant it as a surprise. And boy, was I surprised!!

Jules said...

I agree w/ Sheng,be proud for being kulot!!!
As far as the world is concern(haha)there's nothing wrong about being kulot.As long as the kulot person doesn't have a liku-liku brain..LOLz..=)
I hope to see guyz on my blog..

Garando said...

Thanks for the support! LOL! :D
Yup, been visiting your blog regularly too. Added it in my bookmarks. ;)

Anonymous said...

heehee. go kulots! my sis has ultra-curly hair, and she's proud of it. my bro naman has super-straight hair. i'm sort of in the middle.

sige, sige, will check out the salon when i'm back in the phils. having one's hair cut in japan is soooo expensive. but i love the service! ;-)

Garando said...

If you love the salons in Japan, then it's most likely you'll feel at home with Sei. It looks and smells good, very quiet, never crowded, and the service is excellent kase everbody's so polite. Exactly what you'd expect from a simple Japanese salon. ;)

Alice said...

I've been with the same hairstylist for nine long years. Yep, I'm that faithful... All I need to do is to go there, look for my guy, he looks at me, we nodded and does his thing.

Garando said...

Cool! That makes you one of the lucky ones. I mean lucky in finding a stylist that you always feel comfortable with. :)

Anonymous said...

it only works when the curls are thick and nice, like yours, but when its thin and wane, it can't!

I have my hair relaxed--- my curls are just as eccentric as i am and so far, not one single hairstylist has been able to make sense out of them (hence the perennial ponytail) *sigh...* Or relax. Can't deal with the stress...

You=Lucky. Dee too. :)

Garando said...

I wasn't that lucky until I met my Japanese stylist. Hmmm... Maybe you can give her a shot?

Dennis Villegas said...

I don't know but I found kulot rather attractive, although the fashion nowadays is to go straight. The wavy hair looks good on men also especially if like the Antonio Banderas hairstyle(when he still had the wavy hair)

Dennis Villegas said...

Uy thanks pala for the plug! that is very nice of you!

Anonymous said...

Wavy hair is more attractive. I remember a friend who is loyal to Bruno's. When I was still in the Philippines I prefer my stylist from David's. Yung sa iba kase, mahilig makialam sa gusto ko. Hehehe.

Garando said...

You're welcome! Kulot or not, I guess I'm just happy that I still have hair. Let alone black. :D

Come to think of it, I am starting to miss Bruno's too. I was close kase to my barber who was totally bald. Just worried that when he sees me now he'll shout "Sacrilege!!" :D

Anonymous said...

True 'yan, once you've found the right stylist, don't go anywhere else.

I have my stylist for 7 years now. The only downside was when she gets hired by a much expensive salon. Her fee increases too. Right now, she's at Php450. Feeling ko next time, once a year nalang ako magpapagupit. LOL.

Garando said...

LOL! Ako rin, my haircut now may be more expensive... but since I only get haircuts every 4-5 months, it's still cheaper vs. getting haircuts in Bruno's every 2-3 weeks. Saka medyo nakaka praning yung labaha ng barbero ko. :D