Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Japanese Lessons

In order for me to make the most out of our visits to Japan, Garandee said she'll teach me a little Nihongo (Japanese) each week. She usually forgets to do it, but whenever she does remember...

Garandee: "Today I will teach you the Nihongo word for 'the day before yesterday'. Can you say, ototoi?"

Garando: "ototoy."

Garandee: "Nyo, it's close but not quite. Again, ototoi."

Garando: "ototoy."

Garandee: "Still not right. Ototoi!"

Garando: "but... it sounded right to me... Ototoy!!"

Garandee: "sigh...." (shakes her head)

Garando: ".... uhhhh.... ototoy?"

Garandee: "Nyo, nyo nyo! Listen to me! Ototoi!"

Garando: " .......Ototooo-i?"

Garandee: " ... "

Garando: "Did I finally say it right?"

Garandee: "So-so. Sigh... I guess that will do."

Garando: "Yey. Can I go use the computer now?"

Garandee: "Sit down! Ok, our next word is..."

Garando mode:
Can I just bring a pocket translator?


Anonymous said...

So you still end up having those weekly translation stuffs? share, so we can also learn, the day before yesterday... ototoi...I am learning, hehee, i just don't know with the way the Japanese pronounce it...

Alice said...

Go Garando, GO! Happy learning your Nihongo! :D

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.....cute nyong 2 talga more jap lesson please.... :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha...funny! I cant imagine a 6-footer being taught how to pronounce correct nihongo...i'm thinking of a kid who looks like a product of the "honey-i-blew-up-the-kid-phenomenon", being taught his first words.haha btw, i did my assignment na po.hehe im back to earth!

Garando said...

Well, only if she remembers to give the lessons. Sometimes I only get to learn Japanese words when she's upset about something. So I guess those words aren't very sociable to use. LOL! When I do get to learn some interesting words, I'll post it here for you. :D

Thanks! Hai! Ganbarimasu!! :D

LOL! Sige when I learn something new, I'll post it here. ;)

Welcome back! Yeah, I guess she's quite the disciplinarian. LOL!

Dennis Villegas said...

Hahaha! I also tried learning Japanese once through CDs, but I guess the best way to learn it is by conversing it everyday. You're lucky to have Garandee as a patient Nihongo teacher.
I think you really should learn Nihongo because of Garandee. I myself studied Waray because my wife is a Waray!
Hi To Garandee, and thanks for her being a patient tutor!

ms firefly said...

hehehe, this is so funny! i can imagine garandee's frustration. i taught kj to say palangga, and it always sounded like palanggahhh. argh.

Layman said...

putotoy? :D hahahaha!

Garando said...

Yeah, you have a good point. I also watch Japanese children shows every so often to learn some new words. Yung tipong pang pre-school. LOL!
Wow, Waray pala wife mo? So matapang ba? Ang haponesa matapang pala eh... LOL! :D

@Ms firefly
LOL! Try "pangga" next time. Baka mas madali for him. Then have him follow it up with " ka ba?" (inside joke if you know what the taxi's in Manila are tuned to)

@Let's Talk About Life
Alam ko yan!! LOL! :D Maturo nga kay Garandee yan...

Missy said...

Hahaha that was funny, you should post more Nihongo here so I can learn too. Until now I know only few basic Japanese words. One time when I went to farmer's market, I want to taste the fuji apple but I don't know what to say to the vendor, so I just did a sign language pointing my mouth and then the apple and I said "tey-su?" (taste) and the guy undertood me and he gave me a piece of that apple so I ended up buying apples for 500 yen (~$5.00+) for 20pcs hahaha.

By the way thanks for dropping by my blog.

Dennis Villegas said...

hehehe matapang nga Garando! Per mas matapang akoh LOL ;)

Garando said...

LOL! That's funny! Ok, I'll try to post some more interesting and useful Nihongo words here. :)
I had similar experiences in Japan. Check out my "Kayumi lotion" experience...

LOL!! Shempre! I'd say the same thing. (basta di lang ni Garandee mabasa) :D

lenj said...

hahahahaha! ang kulit nyo mag-asawa! more jap lessons pls. ^__^

Anonymous said...

hey, i wanna learn Japanese, too! I'm with sheng, share!! :)

Alice said...

Ooooh ooooh oooh! Before I forget, I have an award for you.

Garando said...

I guess there's never a dull moment with Garandee. LOL! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Ok, I guess I can post some more Nihongo words... Hopefully you guys won't get in trouble with some Japanese folks because of the words you've learned here... LOL! :D

Wow really?? Thank you!!! Heading over to your blog now...

Anonymous said...

heeheehee. how fun! in japanese class (which was compulsory for the 1st months), it was the italians and vietnamese who had difficulty with pronunciation. for the pinoys it was generally ok, because it was close to our ka-ke-ki-ko-ku. but my best friend who's ilongga had a really, really hard time with some words. hahaha!

Garando said...

No offense to them, but I think the Vietnamese have a hard time pronouncing any language. I have some Vietnamese colleagues and it always took me awhile to understand the words through their accent.
I guess I don't think I will ever learn the right Japanese pronounciations. At least I'm enjoying seeing Garandee get so frustrated. :D