Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Discoveries I Despise

Garandee: "DO!! Come here quick!"

Garando: "What? What?"

Garandee: "oooooooh....."

Garando: "WHAT??"

Garandee: "You have one WHITE hair in your nose, sticking out!"

Garando: "GASP! No kidding?"

Garandee: "Come look at the mirror... there! See?"

Garando: "OH MY GOD! It's true! ...DON'T even THINK about it!"

Garandee: "ummmmm... Can I pull it out?"

Garando: "NO!"

Garandee: "Eeeh?? Can I? Please???"

Garando: "Go away."

Garandee: "I'll get my tweezers... DO!! unlock the door!"

Garando: "NO! I'll cut it myself!"

Garando mode:
How many years left before my nostrils turn white...?


Anonymous said...

hahaha...why ka nag karoon nyan? My husband has that too and he said it was because of my kakulitan hmp!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, do you think we can evade from getting that? Come on, we will have more of that in our lifetime, haha. So, you did not let her pull it out talaga?

Anonymous said...

di kaya, like jeanny, eh sign din yan ng kakulitan ni garandee? he! he! better not tell her I said that!

happy sunday!

Anonymous said...

Some left over shaving cream? :)

Garando said...

Jeanny & KG:
Nagulat nga ako eh! hmmmm... mukhang may point hubby ni Jeanny ah. Teka, kung totoo nga yan, dapat blonde nako ngayon. LOL! :D

Yup, I guess it's inevitable. Buti na lang merong hair dye, pero ang hirap siguro gamitin nun sa ilong.
Pull it out? Never. Ang sakit kaya nun! LOL! I cut it myself before it grows back. :D

I wish! LOL! :D

Anonymous said...

let garandee pull it out! you're like my mom and the white hair in her eyebrow... she has one curly one on the left and it keeps on regrowing lol :D

Alice said...

Uncle Garando. LOLOL!

Missy said...

hahaha natawa naman ako sa blog mo, kasi ganyan din sinasabi ko sa asawa ko kaso I let him pull it by himself no

Anonymous said...

I had that twice already. Made me teary-eyed both times I pulled it out. I suggest you try to cut it, painless. :)

Lantaw said...

hilarious! :D. You know the more you have of it, the wiser you are, it has more "wise points" than the white hairs on our head haha.

Garando said...

Pull it out?? U kidding me? LOL! I'd rather cut it and save myself the tears. :D

LOL! On the bright side, I guess "Uncle" is better than "Gramps" :D

Tapang ng asawa mo to pull out white hair from his nostrils. Sakit nun ah. He deserves a medal for it. :D

You deserve a medal din for your courage. Ang sakit nun ah! I can't even imagine pulling it out... Uminom ka ba ng whiskey before you did it?

Good to know it has more wise points! Probably explains why I was "Wise" enough to lock the door before my wife had the chance to find her tweezers! :D

escape said...

does he also have white hair in the head? hehehe...

i like lantaw's point here "it has more "wise points" than the white hairs on our head haha.">>> hahaha...

Dennis Villegas said...

heheheh so funny, white nose hair maybe is also a sign of wisdom! I liked Garandee's innocent remarks!

Anonymous said...

That's wisdom hair!

Garando said...

The donG:
White hair in nostril may have more wise points, but like everybody else, I would prefer Pogi points than Wise points! LOL! :D

Trust me, she's far from innocent the way she was staring at my nostrils. It was a very sadistic look! :D

LOL! So that's another way to put it. I'll keep note of that! :D

Anonymous said...

haha! this made me laugh because i do this too with hubby. he complains that i always want to squeeze, pluck and pull whatever it is i find, er, growing unwelcome in his body. =)

Garando said...

OMG! Then it's more common than I thought! I guess the world is never safe for us hubbies as long as there are wives with tweezers. :D

ms firefly said...

imagine the same thing happening here, although i haven't found one white nose hair yet, but i show no mercy with the rest sticking out. i don't pull though, just trim. ^-^

Garando said...

Ms Firefly:
Oh man, your hubby's one lucky dude! Everybody else out there are dead set to pluck!! :D