Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back from Sick Leave

Sorry for the looong absence!! I caught the flu a couple of weeks back and it was one of the worst influenzas I ever had to go through. It took me four days to finish watching that Angels and Demons film. I was that sick!

Weemee Do got The Flu

Was it AH1N1? Beats me. I didn't bother to have my throat swabbed because I can be very ticklish.

But one thing's for sure, when I'm bedridden Garandee loses a chauffeur.

Garandee: "DO! I'll take a TAXI going home, rest ikaw!"

Garando: "Try walking over to that gas station by the intersection. I always found it easier to get a TAXI over there."

Garandee: "Nyo, I don't want. It's dangelous!"

Garando: "Dangerous? It's a very populated area so it should be safe."

Garandee: "Nyo, might EXPLODE!"

Garando: "Explode?!?!"

Garandee: "...then I will become afro."

Garando: " ... "

Afro wife has seen too many action movies.

Garando mode:
It's dreadful how much work piles up after coming back from a long sick leave...


The Pope said...

Welcome back Mr. "G", I hope your in best shape now, I thought you're on another European tour.

We missed you here.

A blessed weekend to you and your family.

kg said...

you're back!!! namiss ka namain. wonder what happened to you! glad to know you're ok! :)

so back to being grandee's driver ka na palaulit ha!

fortuitous faery said...

OMG! the swine flu swaggered your way and struck you! so sorry to hear that!

welcome back!

Chyng said...

you're back! and hope everything's well for you and garandee! ingat lagi! ;D

Rico said...

Haha! Too many comedy action flicks nga yan!
Good to have you back. Take it easy now. We don't want Garandee nursing you back to health anytime soon.

ms firefly said...

awww, so sorry to hear you were down with the flu, that nasty thing! i'm dragging the husband next week to our GP for his flu and pneumonia shots, finally i have convinced him after a year of nagging and one bad bout of the flu last christmas. i've had those shots myself before i left the philippines, and thank God i've NEVER been sick here. do take care, you and Garandee!

sheng said...

Take care! I hope that bad flu goes away soon, the hubby is in my care now too, flu and asthma attack, whew!

lenj said...

welcome back garando! so that's why you're MIA, you got sick pala. nevertheless, take up lots of fluids & vitamins para tumaas resistensya mo. Ü

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Afro talaga?!

You had a bout with influenza? I did too. Akala ko nga AH1N1. Sumugod ako sa ospital (pinilit lang ako ng nanay ko dahil ayoko talagang ma-quarantine somewhere at kumain ng hospital food for two weeks!). Hindi naman daw. Madrama lang daw ako sabi ng doctor!

Lagnat laki siguro yan Garando. Ganyan talaga pag nagkakaedad. (Peace!).

Hogi said...

Welcome back, Garando! Glad to know you're feeling better. If ever it was H1N1, be grateful na lang na you didn't have any complications. I have a friend who had H1N1, then it evolved into H3N2 due to organ complications (her lungs, I think) which sent her to the ICU.
I guess we all should be grateful for our health. I take annual flu shots so thank goodness I hardly get sick. Weirdly enough, it's always right after I get the flu shot every year, hahaha.

Bakkanekko said...

afro?! hahaha~! cute <3

Welcome back then :))

reena. said...

wahahaha laughtrip post! you guys are really great together.

witsandnuts said...

I thought you were too consumed by work kaya absent ka sa blogosphere. =) Hope you're well now. Ang kyooot talaga ng coversations nyo ni Garandee. Welcome back!

Glenda said...

heyyy, glad to hear you're a-okay. we missed your verbal repartee's with garandee ;-p never mind about that ah1n1 crap - that's all hype heehee!

Missy said...

hehehe kakatuwa talaga si Garandee lalo na si Garando hahaha...miss you both! Sana ok ka na

Unknown said...

Flu, H1N1, all the same.
Normal flu probably has a higher kill rate than H1N1.

Good to know that you're feeling fine already. Flu are a pain and there's no fast medicine against it, you have to let your body fight it.

And come on, a gas station can explode anytime! The concern is valid! I don't know about the afro part though, that's up to you :)

Midge said...

Hey, glad to see you're up and blogging again; hope you feel much better.

(And may I just say that Garandee's afro comment made me laugh hysterically.)

Alice said...

I'm glad to see you back in action!

I hope you're feeling better now...

Jules said...

Welcome back Garando! =D Looking forward on your next post. Have a wonderful day. =D

escape said...

hahaha... ang kulit. may takot din pala sa gasoline station.

nice to know you're back.

Garando said...

The Pope:
Thank you for the well wishes! Glad to be back, the only drawback is that I have tons of work to catch up on. :( Have a great week ahead!

Thank you Kg! Oo, balik duty na ulit ang driver ni Garandee hehehe. That flu was a terrible experience, you and Wendy take care. Always wash your hands with soap or sanitizers. ;)

Fortuitous Faery:
Not sure if it was swine flu though. Hopefully it was so I won't have to worry about getting it again. :D

Thank you! Ingat rin, always wash your hands when you can! Buti na yung safe. :)

Thanks!! Sorry for not being able to bloghop as much, will definitely catch up on your sites soon enough! ;)

Ms Firefly:
Oh yes, those flu shots are definitely worth the money! I missed mine this year and I'm already regretting I did. Garandee didn't catch the flu though, interesting. Hmmmm...

Yikes! I hope he feels better by now. I guess I know what he's going through because I also have asthma and it's usually triggered by allergies.

LOL! oo nga eh, iba talaga pag tumatanda na. Besides the fact na lumalaki tyan ko. hehe. Flu season talaga sa Pinas ngayon, buti na lang di AH1N1 yung nasayo, laking problema yan kase bumabiyahe ka. Hope you had a great time dito sa Pilipinas!

Thank you!
OMG! I hope your friend is doing ok now. Those flu shots really help, so it's really worth it to have it done. Do take care and always wash your hands. :)

Lenj, Bakkanekko, Reena, Missy, Midge, Alice Teh, Summer, The donG:
Thank you very much! Yes, I'm good as new! Just need to catch up on a lot of work that piled up while I was gone... please forgive me for being unable to bloghop lately.

That actually happened the moment I showed up for work after a long sick leave. LOL! lunod ako sa work ngayon...HELP!!!

Glenda & Shadowmoon:
So true! H1N1 is the most overrated flue ever, even if I felt like I was gonna die a few weeks ago. LOL.

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

I see, that explains the absence. I'm happy your back and the A(H1N1) errrr... the flu is over...

Garando said...

Dodong Flores:
Thank you, Dodong! :)