Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obento Po!

Here's something I almost forgot to write about. A few months ago, just as I was about to leave for work, I found this taped on our front door.

obento po

Happy days are back again.

obento 01
Enter Garandee Bento 2.0

Wrapped exactly the way they do it in Japan, in elementary schools to be exact. I guess now I better be nice to her all the time or else I might find some of that delectable natto in there.

obento 02

Best of all, it's finally microwave safe. Itadakimasu!

I took those photos this morning, so yes, that obento sign is still plastered on our front door. And apparently Garandee's bento theme for today is "Bora-bora" (Japanized meat balls).

Garando mode:


Oman said...

jan pala nanggaling ang bento meals lol.

witsandnuts said...

Nicely wrapped. I sometimes bring packed lunch. I also want to prepare it bento-like. Pero kelangang gumising ako ng mas maaga. And of course, to take pix, too. =)

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

I'm sure you do like it. Whether we like it or not, our wife's cooking is always delicious :)

kg said...

you are so lucky to have a wife who cooks so well at pinagbabaunan ka pa!

i like the bandana packaging! so nice!

ms firefly said...

i should pack kj's lunchbox in a bandana! ^-^
ang sarap ng lunchtimes mo ulit!

escape said...

oh yes! bentos are actually lunchbox. i miss the authentic japanese food in bentos.

raine said...

My mom used to pack my lunches exactly like that back in grade school. I never could put the wrap back together like she did. It kept me frustrated for a long time.

The Pope said...

I love the traditional way Mrs. G wrapped the food, how she carefully prepares the food from the kitchen till it is placed in the air tight food cannister, it is awesome, may pabaong pagmamahal.

God bless.

twishinky said...

awwww. You're so lucky! I want a garandee to do my lunches too! so sick of out-doors food, fast food, argh! Then the stove hates me...

Bakkanekko said...

awhiiiieee!! Good for you! xDD
looks very sweet and delicious~ <333

Chyng said...

thoughtful and sweet! mukhang masarap pa yung baon mo! yummy. ;D

Chyng said...

BTW, do you want a full version of USB disk security? I can send it to your email.

sheng said...

wow, bento goodness, i wish i can preprare something like that for the hubby, he'd rather eat in canteens eh... hmmmp...

reena. said...

thanks for hanging around my blog, Mark!

btw, i visited choto stop out of curiosity from your post.

i LOVE the monaka thingie. basically hoarded my own supply, too =D

Jules said...

I like the way Japanese wrapped the food or the box of the food. =D Looks yummy huh?! =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Midge said...

Now that is a good-looking lunch!

Alice said...

Oooooh nice, nice! VERY nice! :D

Missy said...

wow looks yummy! do they still do that bento wrap thingy in Japan? hahaha I'm in Japan but I don't know that coz I don't see that in here ( I was thinking maybe not here in our city)

Anonymous said...

It sure looks appetizing (d gaya ng mga binabaon ko sa office dito sa Saudi -- masebong nilagang baka, mamantikang adobo, maalat na pakbet, etc). Ang sabi nga ng amo naming Western whenever he visits our eating area: such a wonderful display of beautiful colors...and unappetizing smell! Chura lang nya!

Pakipost nga po ung recipe ng nasa Bento box ni Garandee....para naman mas matuwa ang amo ko next time.

Rein said...

Hey Garando! Thanks for visiting my site! Anyway, I was wondering, does garandee have a japanese take on our filipino food? Like, an adobo onigiri perhaps?

Nagutom ako sa post mo eh. :p

Rico said...

Very lucky! The good times are back!
Wait! What was that on top of the rice? I think somebody swiped it before taking a pic!

SleeplessInKL said...

that's what i like about the japanese -- the presentation is just as important as the food itself. oishi ba? :)

Unknown said...


Yah, been a long time since I last made one for me...I think it was 5 years ago or something like that.
It's always good to have some homemade food right?

Anonymous said...

hello po! pwede makahingi ng bento recipes ni garandee? gusto ko i-try gawin para samin ng asawa ko.. eto po email ko, thanks!

ALiNe said...

Borabora is cool :D

Dennis Villegas said...

How nice. Looks yummy!

Oh I'm glad you are now fine after your bout with flu.

I guess I should read some of your past entries, tagal ko rin nag-absent dito sa blog mo hehehe. sorry ha..will make up ;)

Yoj said...

Awww that looks sooo yummy! I love meatballs!

I want to learn how to make nice bento lunches and wrap them nicely too!

fortuitous faery said...

the way it's wrapped reminds me of dumplings!

bento meals really are fun to eat because of the visual presentation.

Lantaw said...

uy sarap!

Pasyalera said...

Yummy baon! Sarap mag lunch nyan. hehe

jeanny said...

Hi Garando. Bloghopping. Your so busy yata :)

Happy New Monday :)

witsandnuts said...

Hi, just dropping. You must be very busy. Have a great day!

2ngaw said...

may award ka sa pahina ko, bilang pagsuporta sa KaBlogs :)

Leamsi said...

hi garando! sa wakas at naopen ko na ang blog mo. the past weeks i don't know bakit nag-eerror. anyways, i can see that bento is back. got to look forward to your next bentos! and busy ka yata? hehehe. God bless!

Garando said...

Yup, now you know the origin! :D

Sige when you get the chance to make one, please do share the photos ha! ;)

Dodong Flores:
Absolutely correct! Complaining about the wife's cooking usually leads to serious repercussions. :D

KG, Ms Firefly:
Thank you! Yan din yata yung sinu-suot nyang bandana while she's preparing my bento eh. :D

The donG:

yeah, it took me awhile to figure out how my wife wrapped it too! Now I just put the bandana in the thing when I'm done. easier. :D

The Pope:
Thank you! :)

I know how you feel, the entire kitchen hates me.

Thank you! Yes, I enjoy the food so far.. as long as it's not natto! :D

Oh Yes please!! Can you please send it to me? I'll write my email on your blog. Thank you so much!

Ganun? Try starting with his favorite dish, maybe that will change his mind? :)

You're welcome! You are very lucky to be able to still get those from choto stop! Lagi akong walang ma abutan eh. :D

Summer, Midge, Alice Teh:
Thank you! Garandee's happy to see your comments.

Garandee said some of the Japanese still wrap bentos, specially for their children. But I guess it might be more frequent in towns rather than cities kaya?

LOL! Natawa ako dun ah. Actually na mi-miss ko nga yang mga yan eh. Kaya minsan I ask Garandee not to make my bento para sa cafeteria naman ako kakain.
Eto yung link sa mga english bento recipes: Enjoy!

You're welcome! She loves original filipino food like pork sinigang, pinakbet, ginataang kalabasa, mostly the ones with a lot of vegetables. But she doesn't like the filipinized japanese food (like adobo onigiri). Though I'd probably feel the same way if they made sushi out of my paksiw na bangus. :D

LOL! That's furikake. Some kind of seasoning they put on top of the rice para magka lasa. :D

Sleepless in KL:
True! It's nice to see how much presentation really matters to them. I wish Garandee did the same to her closet. :D

Cool, you know how to write in Japanese! Yes, homecooked meals are always more affordable and healthy! ;)

Hello! Thanks for visiting Balut & Natto! Sure, I will email you a link to some english recipes for bento meals! Sorry medyo na late ha.

Yup, but "Kale-kale" takes the cake though. :D

Dennis Villegas:
Hi Dennis! I also had to take a forced vacation from blogging. lol! Now it's my turn to catch up. :D

Cool! It shouldn't be that hard, so I wish you the best of luck!

Fortuitous Faery:
Yeah, apparently that's how the moms get their kids to eat their bentos. Specially the vegetables!

Kaya ako tumataba. lol

Thanks for visiting Balut & Natto!

Jeanny, Witsandnuts:
Yeah, I'm so sorry. Napansin ko na ang tagal ko na pala di nakaka pag blog when I saw both your messages. I'll do my best to catch up!! Ang hirap pala mag prepare sa paglipat ng bahay no? :D

Lord CM:
Wow, talaga? Thank you very much! Daan ako sa blog mo.

Hello! Ay ganun? Anong gamit no na browser?
Oo super busy lately kase nag pe-prepare kami ni Garandee lumipat ng bahay. Ang daming inaasikaso nakaka baliw. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

ang cool nga ng obento na yan. daming ulam. hehe! :p

Garando said...

Thanks for visiting Balut & Natto! Yup, my wife makes it a point na may variety yung bento ko. Ganun din daw ginagawa ng mom nya nung bata pa sya eh. :)

aira said...

hi, ang gaganda naman ng mga lunch box tnx for sahring