Saturday, November 22, 2008



This date marks a milestone in Balut & Natto: Garandee is now a Mrs.

Yes, we finally tied the knot two weeks ago! This is also my best excuse for not being able to update my blog, it has been a very very busy two weeks!

I guess we were an unusual couple wanting a very unique wedding. We only started working on our wedding 3 months before 11/11/08, so I'm really pleased we managed to pull it off!

Here are some highlights:

Besides our couture, we didn't get anybody else to fix us up for the wedding. I ended doing my bride's hairsetting to get the flowers to stick properly, while she did all the make-up on her own.

DSC_0208 (426 x 600)
Our wedding photojournalist is pure AWESOMENESS!
He was in on the action as well!

I soon returned the favor and helped out on some of the photo sessions.

Garandee's all set to walk the aisle...

then the ceremony begins...

No entourage...

No choir or wedding divas singing "The Prayer" (again)...

No coordinators...

Just a brief and simple 30 minute ceremony with 18 dear folks and a Jim Chappell CD.

Garando & Garandee walked out of that chapel ready to face a new life...

Every wedding should have a kilig shot

The flowers at the chapel were so gorgeous we couldn't let it go to waste!
Good thing Grandma was around...

Next stop: Garando takes the in-laws to Bohol!

Garando mode:


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS congrats CONGRATS! Best wishes to you and Chiori! You two look good together :)

Garando said...

Thank you, Sheryl!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've been a fan of your blog since I saw a link of it in PinoyExchange. I love your posts because of the humor. Congratulations again and best wishes as well to the both of you! =)

Maver said...

Congrats Do/Dee :D

Nice blog. First time here! Will come back regularly :D

Garando said...

Hi Hogi! Thank you so much for the well wishes! I am so happy to know that you enjoyed my posts. :)

Hi Maver! Thank you so much! It was nice of you to drop by. :)

Anonymous said...

Pareng Mark! Woohoo, finally. You're now officially part of the "go home at 5pm" club.

Seriously, congratulations. Everyone in the team is real happy for you and Chiori. :)

Garando said...


Pareng Ryx! Haha, yah, lunch na lang ako makakapag foosball Gaddemmit! tsk tsk!

Thanks for the greet! Now that you're all back from Kobe, let's organize the party!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark! Johnny here :) glad to here your finally hitched! :) good job pare! :) Cheers to you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! i'm soo loving your unique and d-i-y wedding! that photo of grandma with the flowers - and cuuute and funny, hahaha!

Garando said...

PRE! Thank you!! I'm so glad to find you here, we haven't talked in ages! Yup, wish you guys were here in Manila... Let's do something when I get to visit Bacolod. How's my ihada? :)

Thank you! I was actually surprised they used my lola like a shopping cart. But from her expression, she was lovin' it!! :D

Anonymous said...

omigosh... happy congratulations to you both!

Looked like a gorgeous wedding. :)

Garando said...

Thank you, twishinky!! :D

Anonymous said...

wow... lovely pics... that's where I want to get married din... hahahaha... best wishes... =)

Garando said...

Thank you!
Caleruega is stunning, but it's also one of the most challenging chapels in terms of logistics. Most of the requirements and paperwork must be done in Nasugbu, Batangas (including the canonical interviews @ 7:30am!!). But for all its worth, Caleruega is absolutely beautiful and perfect for a small intimate wedding.
Thanks for dropping by!

Chyng said...

Weddings need not be tradional, basta it should be a happy occassion to be celebrated!

Nice talaga ang Calaruega. I've always wanted to go there. (but this coming Sunday, my wish will finally come true, excited na ko!)

Garando said...

Yup, I completely agree with you! I recommend Caleruega! The preparation effort is usually double compared with a Manila wedding, but it's all worth it! Wow, I hope you have a wonderful time during your visit there!

ms firefly said...

ohh, better late than never, congratulations on your wedding!!! i like the idea that it was DIY, because my wedding was like that as well. we didn't have an entourage, no wedding coordinator, no band, no videographers, no doves, no money-dance, it was a purely simple occasion with just me and the husband on top of everything. ^-^

i love your wedding invitation, i made my own as well. ^-^