Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Farm: Health & Spa Resort in San Benito, Batangas


Garandee always bugged me about this spa resort called "The Farm". She probably heard a lot of good things about it from blogs and friends, but it took a lot of persuasion (and sometimes blackmail) to get me to agree to accompany her on this one.

After my buddies told me that their spa package is inclusive of enemas, that unconventional way of quenching my thirst from the back-end is already a hard sell! I'd rather watch "Tyra" for one straight week than have my behind plugged with a hose. I even had nightmares that my ear drums popped and water came bursting out like a busted fire hydrant.

But Garandee got me to agree eventually. Apparently there was a package fit for me, I just pay for the room, all services are charged on a "per use" basis. Sounds good. She won't allow me to bring my PURE FOODS corned beef though, so I guess I'll have to deal with two days of vegan.




flower 01


The ambiance was enough to detoxify me, so no need for the enemas really.

food 02


food 03

If that's not enough, the vegan food was out of this world because it didn't taste... vegan. Prepared by their in-house German chef, the quality and taste was top-notch.


The poor thing hid behind a rock after it noticed me staring at it funny. After two days of vegan diet, she sure looked tasty...


Garandee and I loved taking photos of this peacock that was set free to roam around the spa bullying the ducks. I'm particularly proud of this shot: based from the broken feathers looks like it was roughed up pretty bad. I guess enemas aren't exclusive for humans after all.

Garando mode:
super tired...


Anonymous said...

I cheated. On my second day at The Farm, we went to Max's for lunch.

Vegan-shmegan. I needed my meat!

Garando said...

LOL! I can relate!

Aren't you glad you're in the land of kebabs now? All the meat you can eat (except Pork)?