Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wagyu: The real deal

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real deal.

steak 01

Authentic Wagyu Beef (a.k.a. Kobe Beef / Matsuzaka Beef). Not the kind you get to order in the restaurants around Manila, they may say it's Wagyu, but the texture remains different, and it just doesn't taste like the ones you get in Japan.

steak 02

The Good: Look at that marbling! It has just the right amount of fat evenly distributed across the meat, making it literally melt in your mouth! And it doesn't have that stringy texture you get from Black Angus. Great for Sukiyaki or Nikujaga, but I get to enjoy it most as Yakiniku (grilled on a pan or fire then dipped in yakiniku or Japanese steak sauce)

The Bad: This photo is over 2 years old, and I've never had it since. sigh....

I think most of the Wagyu beef served here are from the local Wagyu breed bred in Luzon. What makes it taste different if it's exactly the same breed? I have no idea. Probably the feeds, or the "massage" the cows are given? ...or maybe because the farmers speak to them in Tagalog.

But I did find beef that is almost as close in terms of taste and quality! If you're interested check out New Hatchin grocery at:
7602 Sacred Heart St. cor Metropolitan Ave
San Antonio village Makati City
8977207/ 8905038/ 8901648
store hours 8 am - 7 pm

Look for "US Calbi", but be prepared... it's at P2,300/kilo if I remember right. yikes! Expensive, yes, but seeing your darling's eyes roll back in ecstacy as they chew on the best Wagyu in Manila is priceless right? uhhh.. at least that's what I always tell Garandee but it never seems to work. sigh...

Garando mode:
I haven't had a steak in months... getting weak... losing my powers...


Anonymous said...

According to Francis, there's a guy (or a group, can't remember) who got real Wagyu from Japan and bred them here in Mindanao. They're selling the beef in a supermarket here in Makati.

I wonder if the two of you are referring to the same supermarket?

Anyway, last time I ate one was in Singapore, exactly twelve months ago. I'm already craving!

Garando said...

Yeah, there are a few Wagyu breeders in the Philippines already. I know there's one who owns a booth at the Saturday Salcedo Market. Francis is probably referring to the Wagyu found in Rustan's Fresh in Powerplant. Price is ludicrous @ P700 a piece!!

Lucky for you, you'll be in Kobe next week! So better put "eat Kobe beef" on your list of things to do! I ENVY YOU MAN!!