Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Backpack Chronicles: The Taj (part 1)


I wished I had a blog when Garandee and I went on our crazy backpacking trips a few years back. Now that I have Balut & Natto, I’m glad that I can finally share our old photos and zany stories. Hopefully this will be a good break from our usual conversations and add a little variety to my blog.

Series One: Do & Dee’s quest to check if the Taj Mahal was really made of marble.

getting ready 01

At 6:00am we were up and getting ready for the long trip to Agra!

getting ready 02

We carried our backpacks wherever we went. I’m a very light packer so 50% of my backpack was conveniently allocated for Garandee’s cosmetics, curlers, dresses, toiletries, etc. Not bad for a mobile dresser.

busy streets

This was the scene just outside our hotel at the Main Bazaar in New Delhi. A mecca for backpackers, it’s one of the busiest streets in the city. You’ll spend most of your time dodging cows, rickshaws, travel agents, and cow poo.

on route to office

As people were scurrying off to work, Garando and Garandee were hustling to make it to Agra before lunch!

Garandee: “Chop chop Garando!!! Ay naku…”

Garando: “Heavy po….puff puff…. I hope I won’t get hernia from all this weight.”

hit the road jack

Then we finally hit the highway! As expected, the view was awesome… it felt so… “National Geographic”.


One of the best things about road trips are the stopovers. This was one of the coolest restaurants we passed en route to Agra. The food was excellent, and it gave us a chance to grab some souvenirs and change into more comfortable clothes.

Garandee: "Garando, where's our ride? It's gone missing..."

Garando: "uh-oh..."

continue to part two...

Garando mode:
Yikes! We're marooned!


Dennis Villegas said...

WOW! You have already travelled to India! Awesome, great photos as well as the narrative!

The pictures are all great but I especially liked the 4th photo (crowded street scenery). I love India, it's on Top of my Country Dreams to Visit. I especially would like to go to New Delhi, Calcutta, Agra, Bengal, and Amritsar!

I would await your travelogue on the Taj Mahal..and if it's really marble.

Anonymous said...

wow! the taj mahal? cool! kaka-inggit naman! maganda ba sya? is it really worthe being a wonder of the world? :)

by the way...i love backpacking! isn't it a cool way to travel? :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go there too, and would like to witness how they adore the cows, hehe. Nice pics there! I love the busy street pic, and the resto!

Garando said...

Thank you! Yes, you MUST visit India! It's a like being in a totally different world! If you can make it all the way to Varanasi, go for it! Medyo mahirap lang to get around, so best to travel with a group of backpackers.
Oh, and make sure you get hepa shots before going. :D

First time I saw it, sobrang laglag panga ko sa Taj Mahal. I've seen a lot of historical sites, but there's something about the Taj that really captivated me. For me it was much much more than what it's worth. ;)

Yeah, cows are holy and they are scattered all over the place! Some locals carry a bunch of straws in the morning to feed the cows. And despite all that, they actually have McDonald's there! I'll post about the "burger" business in India soon...

escape said...

wow! very interesting blog. how come i discovered this blog just now?!

thanks to sheng.

Alice said...

Love all the pics, Garando! And it's never too late to tell us your stories. So keep 'em coming!

I'm a light packer and because my hair's super short and I abhor makeup, I have tonnes of space in my backpack ALL the time. Muhahahahaa...

Anonymous said...

hmmmm what is light packing by the way hahahah!!!!

Love the photos garando. Thanks for sharing :)

Missy said...

Nice pics and can't wait to see your pictures of Taj mahal. Thanks for sharing.

Garando said...

@the donG
Thanks!! Uhhhh, I guess I keep a low profile? LOL! Thanks for dropping by! :)

Thank you!
Well good for you (and your hubby)! All that beauty equipment can be really quite heavy! LOL! :D

Ganun? Malalaki siguro mga maleta mo pag bumabiyahe ka no?? hehehe

Hello! Thanks for visiting! I'll post the continuation very soon... ;)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha thanks for posting this this post meant to encourage or discourage me to go to india?hahaha more pics please!hehe

Anonymous said...

heehee. napangiti ako nito kasi i try to take my whole house with me each time i travel. nagugulat na lang ang hubby ko na may kung ano-ano akong dala. the first time i went backpacking, my dorm-mates insisted on repacking my pack because they said i wouldn't last a month with that weight. they were right ;-)

Garando said...

LOL! I guess it depends on how you'll react to the photos. But India is a great adventure, if you can handle the culture. ;)

Ganun?? I'm curious tuloy kung ano mga pinaglalagay mo sa loob ng backpack mo. LOL! :D

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to India too! People I've talked to said that as soon as you get out of the plane/airport, you'll notice a different smell in the air. Is that true?

I'll be waiting for your travelogues. :-)

Garando said...

Yes, that's true. In fact, you even get a preview of the aroma once you enter the plane. India's scent is very unique, and you'll most likely get used to it after an hour or two. :D

Anonymous said...

COOOLLL! We've only backpcaked around Philippines... Pero we would like to back pack in India, Angkor wat and Macchu picchu - SOMEDAY! Great that you carried some of Garandee's stuff :D

ms firefly said...

awww, sooo national geographic??? i wuv that!!!!

more, more india, it's funny to see the cow on the main street. :D

Garando said...

You MUST go backpacking in India! Guaranteed, it's an amazing experience (pero cowboy ka dapat).
And... it was more like I carried ALL of Garandee's stuff. :D

@Ms Firefly
LOL! Wala nako ma isip how to describe it eh...
Yup, cows are all over the place. We had to take extra care not to step on any "organic landmines".

Anonymous said...

is that tsinelas i see tied to your backpack? hahaha! ganda your indian photos, post more! i'd like to see - i've never been to india and now i think i may have to convince hubby to take me to the taj! or build me a taj, whichever comes first. =)

Garando said...

Hi Glenville! Yeah, that's my tsinelas, subok na matibay! Proudly purchased from one of the palengkes in the Philippines! Only Garandee buys Havaianas kase. LOL! :D
Naku, you have to see the Taj talaga! Hope you get to visit India. :)