Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meme: "Garando likes to..."

A few weeks ago, I found this meme over at Alice's blog, I thought it was really FUN to do so I gave it a shot. Very simple instructions:

1) Go to Google
2) Type YOUR FIRST NAME and the words "LIKES TO" all in quotation marks... "Alice likes to"
3) Report back on the first ten things that come up for your name

I used "Garando" and ended up with zero results. DUH. So I tried using my real first name. I was surprised when Google came back with the most outrageous results! Now why does this happen to me all the time??

Results (All copied from Google as is):
1) ** likes to Beep
2) ** likes to chew the fat with Bob during coffee break
3) ** likes to enact bondage scenarios
4) ** likes to bet that's all
5) ** likes to keep fit by running, cycling, swimming, gym and martial arts (though not all at the same time)
6) ** likes to write about community, technology and changing the world
7) ** likes to study algae
8) ** likes to work in all areas of his craft, particularly illustrating children's books
9) ** likes to use repetition to highlight important ideas
10) ** likes to watch dvd's and play with the buttons on the machine

To summarize:
Garando is a sporty, healthy, and fit *beep* who loves to re-enact bondage with Bob where he chews fat and play with various buttons on a machine.

After getting his degree on algae research he now writes children's books about changing the world via altering the community, taking advantage of technology, and doing a lot of gambling. All the pages of his books are identical with the first page.

Garandee mode:
What shall I cook for dinner?


Alice said...

Very, very good! LOL! I had a good laugh at your summary. Well done, Garando!

HalfCrazy said...

LOL that is funny and I like the summary too!

Anonymous said...

Heehee, I'll check mine. Btw, I've tagged you here.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great list...and what an exciting life! [enact bondage scenarios?!?!] he! he! matry nga ito...

Anonymous said...

I love this list, very funny. Wow Garando, you should have shared this to us earlier, hahaha...

Missy said...

hahaha that's so funny, hmmmm I wonder what's your real first name then???? It looks interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL. I tried mine too and the first thing that comes up is G**** likes a BIG BONER. hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

This ones funny. I tried my name too. Apparently, I party a lot! hehe

Garando said...

Thank you for sharing this cool meme! As you can see, I had a lot of fun sharing it with you guys! :D

Thanks! Why don't you try it? ;)

Thanks for the tag! Heading over to your blog now...

Oo nga eh, just when my life was starting to get boring! :D Ay teka, did you say you want to try the bondage scenarios or the meme? LOL!

If I did that I might have lost all my readers in an instant. LOL!

My real first name is too common to mention. Parang "Policarpio" or "Pulgoso". LOL.

LOL!! No kidding? OMG that's sooo funny!! And I thought my results were outrageous...

Aba, party man! No other crazy results? Then I guess the "Rico's" of the world are the nicest guys around. ;)

escape said...

hahaha... kakatuwa yung summary.

e[k]stranghero said...

haha. this is nice. i tried it, too, and my top result is "*** likes to chug!"

Garando said...

The DonG:
Tawa din ako ng tawa nung ginagawa ko yung summary eh. Ang labo sobra. :)

Thanks for dropping by! LOL, chugging an ice cold beer perhaps? :)

Anonymous said...

Bakit puro pang-XXX sa akin????

...likes to ride her man's **** hard.
...likes to give her man's **** a good ****ing.
...likes to ***k**ck before ****ing her w*t ****y.


Garando said...

LOL! WOW, la kong masabi... I shall hand over my "Outrageous Results Trophy" to you then. :D