Monday, March 2, 2009

Garando And His Fancy Shirt

Last week, just after breakfast...

Garandee: "WOW! You're finally wearing the shirt I gave you!"

Garando: "Huh? uh... yeah."

Garandee: "I can't remember... when was the last time you wore that?"

Garando: "Hmmm... almost two years ago?"

Garandee: "IKAW! You should wear it more often! It's really nice you know. Besides, that was my present!"

Garando: "Yep, that's the idea."

Garandee: "Good!" (fixes the creases and pulls on my sleeves)

Garando: "Uhh... the collar's kinda BIG."

Garandee: "Nyo. That's normal."

Garando: "Really? Don't you think the fabric's a little too glossy?"

Garandee: "Nyo! It makes it look classy."

Garando: "uh... It's a bit too PINK."

Garandee: "Pink looks good on you! That's a nice shade of pink."

Garando: "uh... um... hmmmmm..."

Garandee: "Go now! Hayaku! Hayaku! (Hurry!) Here's your bag and your wallet... Go! You'll be late for your meeting!"

Garando: "but wait... uh... I look like a gigolo... maybe I should..."

Garandee: "BYE BYE!!! See you tonight!"

Front door: "SLAM! click!"

Garando: "uh.... bye..."

Garando mode:
Getting ready for another busy week!


Anonymous said...

i actually like pink on men...pero yung may pagka baby pink lang he. i feel that only men who are super secure about their status can wear pink. do good for you! he! he!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I like men wearing pink as a matter of fact most of hubz shirts are pink. Cute kaya. Now, I am still convincing him na purple looks good too on him hahaha!

So how's your officemate reacted on your looks today ;)

HalfCrazy said...

LOL! If she says it looks good on you, it looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

I love pink on men, not the really really pink kind, but some kinda pale pink, they look clean on men... and it's admirable that men love pink even if it's a female's color.

We love blue, and we're women, you should be proud of pink!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight: it has a big collar, it's shiny, and it's pink? Hmmmm.....
If your wife says you look good in it, then you do. ;)

Anonymous said...

Baby pink is good. I trust your wife has reasonable fashion sense. I especially liked it when she said 'the making it look classic' part. =)

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. not all men can pull off the pink shirt, but i'm guessing garandee thinks you can. hehe. was she right? haha. :)

Garando said...

I guess that makes me super secure with my status. My hubby belly proves it. LOL! :D

Purple? Really? Don't give Garandee any ideas! LOL!
This happened around last week pa yata, not last Monday. Good thing that my officemates didn't really react, maybe they didn't even notice me around. hehe :D

But what about "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"? LOL!

Thank goodness that shirt was rather pale and not MMDA Pink. I guess pink shirts are fine, better that than pink pants or shoes. :D

The question is... would YOU wear it? LOL! :D

Yeah, I guess she's probably still got that "Tokyo fashion sense". She recently gave me a green vegetable wallet.

Uhhhh... I hope she was, because it didn't look right to me. LOL! :D

Sardonyx said...

hahaha that's funny, "harajuku" style(??)I can't imagine you're wearing that shirt hahaha but congrats you made it :-)

Anonymous said...

haha, kinda reminds me of the fuschia satiny shirt javier berdam wore on vicky cristina barcelona. wives know what's best for their hubbies so just grin and bear it =)

Anonymous said...

Hot Pink ba?


Lantaw said...

real men wear pink! :D

HalfCrazy said...

THAT. That's the problem. Try asking your Mom. But then your Mom will probably agree with Garandee LOL. So scrutinize yourself! :P

Much Love,

Dennis Villegas said...

LOL, why do women keep on insisting that pink looks good on men..maybe it really does...hehehehe..
Garandee is so sweet on you, DO!

Anonymous said...

pink look good on guys too! really.

Garando said...

More like "Yakuza" style. LOL! Thank you, I wore it the entire day.

Yeah, soon as that door slammed on me I knew I had to suck it up. :)

LOL! More like fizzled pink.

Well it depends, because if the pants or shoes were pink then I'll have to doubt that. LOL.

Asking Mom is definitely NOT a good idea. I don't even want to recall the stuff she made me wear when I was a kid. LOL

I guess pink brings out the feminine side from us, macho excuse for a husband. LOL.

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Ok then. After receiving a lot of similar comments, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. :D

Alice said...

I bet you look fabulous in pink... Garandee has good eyes, I trust her. LOL

Anonymous said...

hahaha! she really knows how to take charge huh? ang saya! ;-)

Garando said...

Ummm... she's actually near sighted and she's always too lazy to wear her glasses. :D Having second thoughts now? LOL!

Yep, she's da boss. :D