Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't Let The Wife Buy The Undies

Why does she love buying me boxers like these?

Ugly Boxer 01

I know that nobody else besides Garandee will actually see me wearing it, but what about my dignity? I had no choice but to ask her to stop buying me boxers that fall under any of these design classifications:

1) Floral
2) Pink
3) Polka Dots
4) Sanrio Characters

Fortunately, she agreed without further argument. So over the weekend she bought me this abomination instead.

Ugly Boxer 02

Ugly Boxer 03

Not much of an improvement, but at least the fabric was soft and light.

I wonder if she's being sarcastic about the carrot...

Garando mode:
Haju kashii....


Anonymous said...

grabe! this made me laugh! at least you're sure that no one [in his right mind] would attempt to steal your underwear! he! he!

Anonymous said...

the first is cute though

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, i laughed so hard at this post, i dunno but this sure looks cool, she has a funny way of dressing you up.

Where can I buy that carrot boxers? I'd love to give one for the hubby too, even if it ain't Christmas yet!

Btw, kindly tell Garandee, by all means, I want to meet her! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hehe. the shorts are VERY cute! so are you wearing that every Christmas? hehe.

Anonymous said...

I think the first one is perfect for the summer. Cute shorts!

Garando said...

I think I can't be too sure of that though. There have been reports of some disturbed people who steal undies for the purpose of smelling. Gross... LOL

The Pseudoshrink:
Garandee was delighted when she saw your comment. I asked her if that means I will look cute when I wear it, she ignored me.

LOL Indeed!
She bought those boxers at Shopwise when we went to Sucat over the weekend. If there is a Shopwise branch in Gensan, there might be a chance they have it there too.
Wow, dami na talagang fans ni Garandee ah!

Well, I don't even know if this will survive until Christmas. I feel our washing machine will tear it up real good. LOL :D

Garando said...

Hmmm, Looks like she got me boxers for both Summer and Winter then. Boxers for all seasons! :D

Jules said...

Boxers for all seasons.whehehe..
Love this post.Grabe,this post made me laugh..I think she just want to be assure that no other girl will fall in love with you when they saw you wearing those cutieeee
Great post fren..=)

Leamsi said...

hi there! just came across this post and i had a laughing trip [because of the carrot?].

anyweiz, i'd like to meet garandee so she could recommend some nice boxers for my hubby too! i bet hubby will be thrilled, err, "horrored"?

*big grin*

Anonymous said...

LOL! I especially like the Xmas one! Smexeh!


Flo Flo said...

HAHAHAH!!! I saw the entry title from alice teh's blog and came right in and did not regret a second reading this post. SOOOOOOOO ROMANTICCCCC....

Keep it up, Garandee!!! We support u :P

Garando, at least it's something that can spread the laughter on. Garandee is killing many birds with just one boxer. SMART WOMAN! :D

Anonymous said...

Aloha garando, that first one makes me think of hawaii...

and that second one bwhahahaha super cute.
She got that carrot boxer from shopwise pala..nuninuninu, hubz so lucky he'll experience the same goodness of wearing a carrot boxer short...there's a shopwhise here near my office. Sana meron pa kahit hindi Pasko hehehehe

Chyng said...

Super cute undies! Are you seriously wearing them? haha

Did you like it? Hhmm, Im gonna buy those kinds too for my man!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! First time to stumble upon your blog... great first impression with this entry haha!

physiquemama said...

Although I was waiting a new post about garandee-san's pinoy cook, your underware suddenly came up. Watashi mo hajukashii...

UrbanBoy said...

Lesson for the day:

buy own undies..

maybe you can buy garandee undies too... hehehe

.. made me laugh insipidly (meaning laughing inside) di pedeng mahuli ng amo eh..

Unknown said...

Whahaha..Ang cute nman nung pangalawa..Lalo atang lumala nung binawal mo si garandee.heheehe
Nice post.;D Meron pa?!=)

Garando said...

Yeah, I guess that might be one way to look at it. LOL. But it's not like any other girl can see me in my boxers anyway. :D

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. Hmmm... I'm sure your hubby will be DELIGHTED. LOL

Hey! Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well.

Flo Flo:
It's romantic?? Hmmm.. come to think of it, giving flowers is kinda romantic. So even if it's in the form printed boxers, it's still flowers.

Jeanny & Chyng:
Uh-Oh! Ok, looking back at the title, it seems that my post backfired! A few husbands are getting some really interesting boxers soon. I hope they don't hate me for it. LOL :D

Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad my boxers left a good impression! :D

Yes, I'm probably one of the very few people who is strange enough to post his own underwear in the internet... :D

Welcome! I'm glad that there are lessons to be learned from my silly blog. :D

Hello! Oo nga eh, it didn't work out too well. So far wala na, and I hope di na madagdagan pa. :D

Alice said...

The first undies reminded me of the hibiscus I shot at my in-laws estate. LOL!

The carrot one got me guffawing like mad. Oh Garandee is FABULOUS taste!!!! I'm so proud of her.

Rico said...

Haha! I've never had anything remotely similar to those boxers. Though I won't mind wearing those for a good laugh! ;)

Nebz said...

Hahaha! Snort! Hahaha! Snort!

I'm really enjoying your posts. I will be back! Snort!

Anonymous said...


Summer na summer yung floral. Go for it! Great choices, Garandee. :-D

Dennis Villegas said...

nice collection of boxers hahahaha!!!
I bet Garandee may have been laughing hard seeing you wear these so she always buy you these hehehehe..

Missy said...

Hahaha this was so funny, so do you have a collection of boxers??? Do you think Garandee and I have the same taste? I bought my husband a warner brother's "bugs bunny" boxer, the 2 front teeth is somewhere the same place as your carrot one hahaha.

Midge said...

*can't talk; laughing too hard...*

Garando said...

Alice Teh:
I guess Garandee has a thing for "Organic" underwear. :D

Lucky you! Hope I didn't give your wife ideas on what to buy you next! :D

Thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed my posts! :)

Yup, boxers for all seasons!

Dennis Villegas:
First time I wore it she was chasing me around with a camera!

Same taste? Hmmmm... I'd prefer Warner Bros. boxers than Mr. Frosty anytime, so I guess you're still alright. But the location of Bugs Bunny's incisors can be a little uncomfortable. LOL. :D

I highly recommend not to eat or drink while reading my posts. Or else your computer might get food / soda all over it. :D

cpsanti said...

wahahaha! love love the boxers! hehehe. i don"t know, its a girls' thing. hehehe. love the selection over at don quijote ;-)

ms firefly said...

they're lookin'good!
i agree to garandee's taste! ^-^

hmmm, wonder where can i get kj those.....

Garando said...

Cpsanti & Ms Firefly:
Ok, I now officially classify these boxers as "girlie boxers". Husbands beware... :D

Clarissa said...

hahahahaa!!Now I know what to give to my husband!!Thanks to Garandee!!I gave ya a salute!!

Garando said...

Uh oh... Did I just cause trouble for a lot of husbands around the world? LOL

twishinky said...

bwahahahahaha!!! Now that's a visual! Snaps to garandee :D