Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home-based IT Support with a Twist

Garandee: "Do, Can you please sit next to me?"

Garando: "Sure dear. You miss me already?"

Garandee: "Nyo. There's something wrong with my Photoshop... Everytime I open a file it opens as black & white."

Garando: "Hmmm... that's odd. Hand me the mouse, I'll take a look at the settings..."

Garandee: "I didn't change anything, it just happened all of a sudden!"

Garando: "Hmmmm... Nothing seems to be out of place. All the settings are... BURP! excuse me! ....all the settings are at default so..."

Garandee: " !!! "

Garando: "What?"

Garandee: "KUSSSAAAAAIIIII!!! (it stinks)" Pinching her nose

Garando: " ??? "

Garandee: "I shouldn't have cooked longganiza for you today!!"

Garando: "Eeehh? It's not thaaaat baaaad. Seeeee? Haaaaaaahhhhh."

Garandee: "Oh my goodness talaga!"

Garando: "Wait, where are you going? I'm still fixing your..."

Garandee: "To the bedroom! Sooo kusai! (it stinks)"

Bedroom door: "SLAM!"

Garando: "...at least it still smells the same way when I ate it... unlike natto."

Garando mode:
Had to wake up so early to drive for Garandee today...


Anonymous said...

Truly, when you eat lonbgganiza, your burp still smells longganiza...

Anonymous said...

grabe! comedy talaga kayo! well, at least your burped smelled of something you ate for the day. kung nung isang linggo pa yan, ewan ko na lang! :)

HalfCrazy said...

Gah, I went to the natto link you provided and I don't like how it looks LOL. I don't think I want to try it, hahaha!

That's why I hate Longganisa. It stinks when I burp and I burp so loud hahaha. I just ate BBQ and rice for dinner and when I burped, it smells nasty too so I'm gonna have to brush my teeth right now!

Seriously! And thanks for the Photographer thing comments!

Anonymous said...

My wife accidentally burped in front of an officemate. I don't know if he's kidding or not, but he said it was a "near death experience."

Alice said...

Eeeeeewwwww.... LOL!

Anonymous said...

i understand garandee! i hate the smell of longganisa, epecially coming from a burp. hehehe

Garando said...

Yes, longganiza is notorious for that! :)

LOL! Oo nga eh. I remember when one of the tenants in our apartment cooks tuyo, it drives Garandee nuts.

You're welcome! Not sure if brushing helps though, the stench comes from the stomach. Try eating dessert, maybe that will help. :D

LOL! Ganun? What did she eat? Tuyo?? :D

Gross but I guess that's one of the privileges of being married. I can now burp anytime I want. LOL :D

Yes, longganiza is a silent assassin!

Jules said...

whehehe...nkktwa nman un fren.;D
Pero 22o nga un,pag dumighay ka maamoy mo prin ung kianin monglongganisa.ahehehe..
Nice post fren.

Anonymous said...

The smell produce by longganisa burp is really eeew. The door slamming is cute. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Nakakatuwa naman ang blog mo.fr0m n0w on add me as one of ur avid readers..

Garando said...

Thanks! I guess this post relates to every single Pinoy out there... :)

Had to add sound effects para mas theatrical ang dating. LOL.

Hello! Thanks for visiting and for the comment! I'm glad that you enjoyed my posts, and that you'll visit often! :)

physiquemama said...

Hi, Garando! This is my first comment here! I'm so happy to find such a funny blog!

I'll definitely show this blog to my husband(half Philippino and half Japanese)!

Well, now, i'm gonna try to read all posts!!! @ the office... hehe!

escape said...

hahaha... diba ok nga amoy nun?

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first comment on your blog. I found this entry side-splittingly funny! :)

(Oh, and I'll take the longganiza over the natto any day...)

Garando said...

Hello! I'm a big fan of your blog!! Thank you for visiting here and for recommending it to your husband. Half? Wow, I bet he can speak Nippongo really well!

Now you can read about the "other" side of Garandee and find out what she's like at home.

I am glad you enjoyed my posts as much as I enjoyed reading about your adorable dogs! But I hope that your boss doesn't catch you reading blogs at work. :D

The DonG:
OO pare, very appetizing nga eh. Too bad Garandee things otherwise.

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Are you sure with your choice? Natto is really HEALTHY you know. :D

HalfCrazy said...

I think the moral lesson is keep your breath and burping to yourself, hahaha!

Chyng said...

hi garando and garandee!

it's my first time to visit your blog. i like the header, it's from BBC right? plus the caption two cultures = exciting adventures indeed!

My boyfriend and I scanned your blog earlier on our usual fri-dates. We have checked you Bohol travel last Nov. San daw kayo resort nagstay? Sa BBC talaga?

Btw, how did you meet your wifey?

Missy said...

You're really funny Garando and I like Garandee's tagalog (I'm just figuring out her japanese accent while reading hahaha). I'm learning nihonggo too while reading your blog :-)

Garando said...

Yep, either that or don't burp with your mouth open. LOL

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, the header was taken during our stay at BBC, that's where we stayed during our Bohol trip.
I met my wife here in the Philippines many many years back. :D

Yeah, she knows TOO MUCH tagalog already, it's almost a disadvantage to me! LOL. I've learned some Nihonggo as well but not too much. Garandee gets frustrated kase when she teaches me. :D

Anonymous said...

sarap nga ng burp ng longaniza eh! wahahaha! i agree with the natto though...it just won't quit.

Lantaw said...

hahaha! you should try "buro" and see how she would react to your burp :D

Garando said...

Hehe oo nga! Garandee recently told me that some supermarkets in Japan have recently been selling natto without the funky aroma. I still think they need to work on the taste though before I can finally eat it. :D

Nakupo! Buro! LOL But she'll probably prefer the smell of that vs canned corned beef. She hates the smell of corned beef more than the longganiza. :D

twishinky said...

eeep... may i suggest arm & hammer extra whitening toothpaste? Lol. I found that it kills everything-- including burp breath :D. The only drawback is that the taste is something to get used to...