Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fail!

I didn't sound all convincing in my previous post, did I?

I think the posting date on top of my "Sayonara...Friends" totally blew it. Either that or I'm a completely hopeless prankster and I should just go back to doing the things I'm better at: posting about a lot of Garando & Garandee nonsense.

Weemee Do April Fool

I was even planning to use a title like "GOTCHA!!" for this post, but after seeing all the comments you left, it became "April Fail". LOL.

Sigh... and to think I even had to stop myself from posting anything in the past few days to fabricate just the right "atmosphere" for the drama! So much for any aspirations of an acting career...

I'll have to admit though, I was quite touched by your comments. Thank you very much!

Garando mode:
"April Fail Day"... Get it? Ho ho ho

Garandee mode:
Please no more jokes! Your pathetic drama was worse enough. Hajukashii....


kg said...

ha! sabi ko na! it wasn't that you were not that convincing, but other bloggers have already done the same thing. :)

nevertheless, i'm so happy it;s not true. :)

HalfCrazy said...

Your "Sorry for all the drama" in the end blew it for me! :P And you didn't sound convincing. Just take pictures, di ka marunong umarte. LOL! Kidding. Actually napahiya rin ako sa April Fool Joke ko kahapon! Yung dalawa success pero yung isa bad trip! LOL

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

This is hysterical!!
I followed you over from Halfcrazy's blog. Hope you don't mind?
If you have a moment or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please visit me at my blog and say hello.
Take good care and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Garando said...

Aaaah! Pinag luma-ang joke na pala yan? LOL! I'm such a noob at blogging. :D

LOL! Yeah, looks like I'll definitely take your advice. :D

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff (phew):
Nice pseudoname! Of course, I don't mind at all! I'll go check out your blog shortly. Thanks for droppin' by. :)

Missy said...

I missed your April "fail" day, I'm still lucky you didn't get me hahaha coz I follow my "hulascoop" ...Iwasan ang maloko sa araw na ito" hehehe

HalfCrazy said...

I'll take my own advice too. I think you can just call her Reggie Girl!

Yeah, I blogged at 1up. Puro bugs kasi dun kaya naging M ako LOL. Kulit nga eh pag binabago ko M pa rin lumalabas eh. Hinayaan ko nalang! Wala nang EGM. :(

Garando said...

Good "hulascoop"! :D
I was extra careful rin kahapon. Always checked the way Garandee was staring at me... buti na yung ma-ingat!

LOL. Yeah, that's sad about EGM. I heard 1up is going through some tough times na rin daw eh. I remember reading about it in kokaku...

Chyng said...

haha, i like Garandee for saying pathetic drama! :D

jeanny said...

hang kulet!!!!! muntik na ko maniwala until naalala ko april fool nga at baka practical joke....
eh ikaw your the funniest person I knew sa world wide web lolz!

Peor seriously, glad it wasnt true :)

Leamsi said...

haler garando! once you blog, you can't

truth is, i felt sad when i thought i will no longer read stories about you and garandee.

sheng said...

I knew it, i knew it. Good thing I refused to believe it. The post was quite confusing, the drama was so sincere, yet, my mind does not want to believe it, so i guess it was a prank. I'm glad it was.

We could have gone missing you! Too much that one day without reading your post means:


escape said...

ending a blog (for real) is a difficult but ending a blog (for a joke) seems to be more difficult. hehehe...

UrbanBoy said...

i must admit, you really put an effort to it..

you even restrained yourself from posting comments on that post! :p

UrbanBoy said...


btw.. the first statement did it.

Alice said...

From my past readings of your posts, I know that is a prank. My gut feel is usually very, very good. See? I'm right again. LOL!

Rico said...

Haha! It was funny nonetheless. Good thing I dropped by a little late. Happy April Fail! :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Akala ko totoo na! Buti na lang April Fools joke lang pala hehehe ;)

Macmi said...

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Unknown said...

you got them fooled alright,
btw that was a great shot of a lotus flower.

Anonymous said...

Anak ng...

Akala ko totoo. LOL.

Gullible ako. LOL.

Midge said...


How could you...?!? I completely fell for your April Fool gag!


Jules said...

Hay nku! Akala ko totoo....;D
Edi wla nag msaya sa blog world,and tama si Sheng pag dka nkapag-post ibig sabihin lang non ay NO LAUGH for TODAY!!!!!!!!!hehehe=)

Unknown said...

Yeepeey...I thought you are really leaving the blog world.Hope everything is ok..Back to NORMAL.;D

Garando said...

Yeah, her English vocabulary is getting "dangerously" better recently. :D

Jeanny, Yummybite, and Sheng:
Thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoy hanging around my blog as much as I enjoy writing the content for it. Na touch ako talaga. :)

The DonG:
Excellent point! I had a tough time acting all mushy, sappy and pathetic for that post. :D

The Go-getter:
Yeah, I should definitely be more original next time!

Alice Teh:
When I saw your all-caps "YAH RIGHT!" comment, I realized there's absolutely no way I'm fooling you! LOL.

Rico & Dennis Villegas:
Hmmmm... naku now it looks like I shouldn't have posted "April Fail" too soon! LOL :D

Thanks for dropping by! That's a very sweet blog you're maintaining. Keep up the good work. ;)

Thank you! Garandee takes the credit on that one because she loves taking photos of flowers.

Dyosa, Midge, Summer & Solo:
Yehey! Sa wakas, may mga na biktima din pala ako! LOL. Yes, everything is peachy and back to normal!

twishinky said...

hmph! :D

Thought twas serious....

Garando said...

Nice! Two weeks has passed and my prank's still working. LOL. :D