Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meme: "I Love Your Blog" Award & 10 Birthday Wishes

I Love Your Blog Award

Weemee Do Iloveyourblog

Thank you Alice, for recognizing me with the "I Love Your Blog" award! Alice's blog is also one that I frequent because of her lovely photos, food diaries and great book reviews.

Now I give this award to some blogs that I recently discovered.

1) KonnichiwaPug - I totally love this cute blog! Dahlia and Daisy are absolutely adorable and I always look forward to more of their photos and funny antics!
2) Dong Ho's Eskapo - In my opinion, this blog set the standards for adventure blogging!
3) Lantaw - One of the best outdoor photography of the Philippines, 'nuff said.
4) Travelog - A simple, beautiful and honest photoblog about Japan.
5) Alice Teh - I award this back to Alice, of course! :)

Ten Birthday Wishes
Weemee Do Birthdaywish

I owe Witsandnuts this tag for the longest time. Sorry, Wits!

I was asked to share 10 birthday wishes. To be honest, I stopped asking for anything on my birthday when I was 7 years old. That was when realized that I didn't have to wait for my birthday to ask for stuff! Here goes...

1) I want a toilet with a robotic 5-speed bidet and an automated tissue dispenser. I love the way how bums get pampered in Japan!

2) I want Mike Enriquez to talk like a normal person. Garandee gets freaked out everytime she hears him anchoring the news and I just can't imagine how he talks to his kids.

3) I want a bitterless ampalaya (bitter melon) so Garandee can finally add it in her pinakbet.

4) I want Philippine Jeepneys to have electric taser devices installed on their driver seats. Each time they go over 60kph or violate any traffic rules the device will send a non-lethal electric shock to their anus.

5) I want Philippine Bus drivers to have a similar device on their driver seats. Except that it's conveniently attached to their scrotum since they prove to be much worse than jeepney drivers.

6) I want 7 shirts with a muscular naked torso with six-pack abs printed on it. If I wear this everyday maybe Garandee will stop complaining about my all-natural hubby belly.

7) I want three day weekends: Saturday, Sunday and Slumberday.

8) I want a king-sized bed with Garandee-sized pouches mounted on both sides. No special reason, she just rolls all over the place when asleep.

9) I want each government office to have an unconventional complaints/suggestions box at the entrance. Instead of the traditional box with a slot, there will be a roster of employeees, and each name will have an "EJECT" button next to it.

10) I want natto to taste like a juicy steak fillet and smell like pot roast. Then maybe I can start having it for breakfast too!

Garando mode:
Getting excited for the long holiday!


Midge said...

Super-high-tech Japanese toilets for the win! And I seriously agree with the tasers on PUV drivers; kelangan na talaga.

As for natto tasting and smelling like juicy grilled meat... Well, better to leave that up to the experts!

(BTW, walang mga anak si Mike Enriquez!)

sheng said...

I haven't had natto yet, whatever it is, but i would love to try one, is it any good?

I am enjoying your meme.

Leamsi said...

oh i also want the electronic toilet whatever and the electric devices put on drivers' seat. siguro naman magtitino na sila sa daan. dapat mabasa ito ng LTO. hehehe. nice one garando!

HalfCrazy said...

Those are some fierce blogs up there. The only ones I know as of now are Dong Ho and Missy at Travelog. I'll try to visit the other links up there!

Mike Enriquez is scary. Akala mo laging may gyera or trouble kung makapagsalita LOL.

I have to agree with you on the bus drivers. They almost always block the way! They are so big, people can get easily crushed!

Chyng said...

#2 is hilarious! I admit that im bothered whenever he reports on tv, but I never thought he's not being normal. Pero I agree on Garandee ha, oo nga! haha

Chyng said...

Interesting blog entries! :D
Btw, I added you sa blogroll ko.

jeanny said...

hahaha..natawa naman ako dun sa wish mo for making natto something more pleasing to your tastebud. Actually parang wish ko na rin sya lolz.

Im excited for the weekend too!

physiquemama said...

I'm so honored to be chosen as your recommendable blog despite lots of English mistakes... Hajukashii des...

Have a nice long holiday! (I'm workinggggg!!!) :)

Missy said...

Thanks Garando for the award! My first one ever hahaha and I'm so excited on how am I gonna do next??? Do I have to post it in my blog??? I would love to post it anyway, I like your caricature, do you draw all of those? It is ok to post your " I love your blog with your caricature???" sorry I got too many questions I'm just so excited hahaha

When is your birthday? Anyways, I wish you happiness and success in life and more kids with Garandeee hahaha

I don't like Mike Enriquez too his voice is annoying. I like your #1 wish I'm enjoying the bidet here and I want to bring one in the US hehehe

Garando said...

LOL! Wala pala syang anak?? Yep, apparently we can purchase those toilet seats in Manila na. I saw it installed in Sango and Happy Cream Puff sa Makati! Yehey!

Any good? ummm... ganito na lang... you can probably find natto if there's a Japanese grocery/store in Gensan. If you do get to try it, please post your reaction. I'm very interested! hehehe. :D

Yup, dapat mabasa ito ni Bayani mismo! Semi-sadista yun eh. :D

Do try to visit konnichiwapug. It's overloaded with cuteness, nakakatuwa sobra. :D LOL, natawa ako sa comment mo kay Mike E. Yah, he should change his style really... di na uso eh.

Wow, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I'm honored!
Yeah, Mike E. bothers me a lot! But since I find 24 oras more balanced than Bandila, I have no choice but to put up with him.

Sabi nga ni Garandee sakin "Asa ka pa!" translated from Japenglish. :D

You are most welcome, and your blog definitely deserves the recognition! Don't worry about the English, it's perfectly fine, we even find it cute.
Working during a holiday? Gambatte kudasai! :)

You're most welcome! Yeah, just mention the award on your blog then feel free to pass it on to 5 more blogs. It's quite fun to do. ;)
About the caricature, I made it using Check the site out, you can easily make your own wee avatar! Nakakatuwa din mag mix ng hairdo, clothes, accesories, etc. Your kids will probably enjoy it!
Thank you for the well wishes, my birthday is June 1st, 2000! tee hee...
Naku, pag nagdala ka ng ganung toilet sa US, sobrang sikat ka sigurado! :D

HalfCrazy said...

HAHA ansama, di na uso! Na lols ako dun. Okay lang, di naman ako kapuso eh! >:)

Dennis Villegas said...

Hehehe I enjoyed this post, especially the one Slumberday--whatever it is heheheh.

You can make a bitterless ampalaya just by boiling it before adding to the Pinakbet.

Congrats for theI LOVE YOUR BLOG award, and here's wishing that you get all your wishes here come true! Happy Birthday!

david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!!! Very cool!!!

witsandnuts said...

Lol on 6-pack abs print and Mike Enriquez! I'm really disturbed by Mike's delivery. I don't think he has any plans of changing his style. =) Thanks for playing!

Unknown said...

Nice blog here.
Some funny stuffs and I just love those gifs in the end of the posts. Guess I should try to transform one of those into a paper model, who knows? :)

And why do you want natto to taste like juicy steak fillet and smell like pot roast if you already can have juicy steak filled and pot roast that smells like pot roast?
Ok, I know natto smells bad and have a bad taste and all but it's still good! At least I like it.
It's all slimy and that's so cool. It's funny to give it to some friends who have never knew about it's existence. They always look with that "no way someone can eat this" expression. It's even funnier to eat it in front of them. Ah, funny moments of the lives of us, natto eaters :)

Mabel said...

hi there. just passing by. you really do have a nice blog :-)

Garando said...

Ahhh! Naks, kapamilya ka ba? :D

Dennis Villegas:
Ohhhh I see. Thanks for the tip on how to make bitterless ampalaya, I told my wife about it. We'll give it a try! Oh, and my birthday is a few months away pa... but thanks for the early greet!! :)

David Santos:
Thanks for the nice comment, I appreciate it! :)

Thanks for tagging me! Yeah, he makes me cringe sometimes. His style probably works on the AM radios but definitely not on TV.

Thanks for dropping by! You have an excellent point about the natto. Garandee would always tell me that it's like blue cheese: an acquired taste. Who knows, I'll probably learn to "acquire" a taste for natto someday, because I love blue cheese!
Oh, and if you do make paper models out of those gif's, please share some photos of it! :)

Hello! Thanks for dropping such a nice comment! I appreciate it. :)

Gigi said...

I can't help but imagine your birthday wish list! Grabe! you have such an imagination! ANG GALING... I love number 1, 2, 4 and 9! :D

ms firefly said...

mike enriquez...LOL
he freaks me out too! i don't watch gma news just because of him. ^-^

natto...the spoiled beans? i think i saw it on one bbc documentary show about japan. tell garandee i am very much interested with the concept of wabi sabi!

lenj said...

hahahahaha! mike enriquez! hahahaha! no wonder a lot of people who watches him have hypertension. blood pressure really pumps up when you watch and hear him deliver the news! ^__^

HalfCrazy said...

Kapamilya ako and pinuntahan ko na si konnichiwapug nung isang araw. Cute nga! Lols eh!

mordsith said...

it seemed that if all your wishes come true, life in Manila would be so much better. hehe. what we totally share if for Mike Enriquez to talk like a normal person; if not, maybe they can take him out of the show. hehe

Garando said...

Thanks! But when Garandee asks me what I want for my birthday I usually just ask for steak. :D

Ms Firefly:
I used to call it spoiled beans too, but she insists on using "fermented". :D
The fact that natto is a hundred times more nutritious than that fermented milk we all love called "yoghurt", it certainly justifies the taste, aroma and goo.
I'd still rather eat 10 cups of yoghurt though.
I asked her what "wabi sabi" was and she told me to go check wikipedia. lol. She couldn't explain it in English, but she did say that she was glad that you knew about the concept. ;)

Yeah, he sounds almost like those fast talking, monotone auctioneers... only worse.

Yup, sobrang nakakatuwa blog ni Rica-san! The dogs are adorable! :)

If GMA gives Mike the boot, he will probably "talk" the executives to death! I don't even want to imagine what he sounds like pag galit sya... lol.

escape said...

wow! i didnt know that you gave an award to eskapo. thank you very much! im glad that you like eskapo.

ill check the other blogs on your list. lantaw is one of my idol when it comes to photography.

#2>>> is the coolest. let's make 1000 signature for this. hehehe...

#3>>> same here. that's the only vegetable that i dont like.

#5>>> bayani should approve this.

but the best is #7>>> it'll give me more time outside manila. hehehe....

Garando said...

The DonG:
You're most welcome! Hope you like the other blogs I listed. ;)
Btw, mahirap i-petition si Mike, baka ma Imbestigador tayo. lol.

Rico said...

Just want to say OUCH! on your numbers 4 and 5. Haha!

Garando said...

LOL. As long as they're disciplined, then they will be fine. If not, it's either they end up with acute constipation, or infertilization.

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