Sunday, April 19, 2009


After a long and grueling flight...

Flight 01

I finally made it to the hotel. I have barely enough energy to write...

Hotel 01

Of all things, I forgot to bring my belts! Tomorrow the quest for a cheap belt begins. I hope to find one, or else I will have to "improvise".

Good thing tomorrow's Sunday, I have the entire day to explore the city. Besides, I still need to find my office! It would have been easier if all of the signs around here were in English.

Garando mode:
Oyasumi... (goodnight)


Unknown said...

So you have already arrived?
Heh....still I can't tell where it is by the first picture. And the second picture also doesn't say least not for me since I'm not an expert on hotels interiors so I don't really know in which hotel you are so I can find out the country. :P

Belts? Get a rope and use it :)
Or keep with your original plan and seek for one in the city.

witsandnuts said...

I'm still trying to figure out where you are. I tried zooming out the plug photo to get a clue if the country uses three or two holes. Lol. Seriously, we're glad that you had a safe trip. I trust you already got a belt (not improvised) by this time. =)

Garando said...

Yes, a rope would be my last resort. At least it gives a very "earthy" tone to my outfit. :D Will post where I am soon once I've taken enough photos! ;)

LOL. Wow, you are very resourceful! They only use 2 round holes for the plugs here. I'm off to get breakfast now...

sheng said...

I think this one's in Singapore... not that i'm so sure, hehehe...Pero, saan nga ba?

twishinky said...

hmmm... that looks like some of the places in China from the air--- its just that it looks clean?

Sorry for the wholesale comments... i tend to browse through every so often... Hope you have a fantastic trip :)

Unknown said...

Well, we're talking about a place where the roman alphabet is not used (at least that's what I could deduce by reading the post) so China would be a possibility. Japan or Korea are also there. But still I think those countries have signs written with roman alphabet (though they're not in english).
And what exactly is "long flight"?
For me a long flight is more than 10 hours :)

glenville said...

China? Where is this where is this? Can't wait to read all about your travel adventures. Loving your new blog banner by the way, ang cute niyo talaga ni Garandee! =)

Garando said...

Sheng, Twishinky & Shadowmoon:
Nope, it's not Singapore, China, Japan or South Korea. :D
I found time to put up more photos though, so looks like you'll have more clues!

Thank you!! :D
Will definitely share my experiences here, kaso I might be able to do that after I'm back from the trip na...This week's going to be super busy eh.

kg said...

hong kong? :)

Rico said...

Well, your hotel room looks nice. Good luck on the belt search.

Dennis Villegas said...

Wow, you are there already! I'm wondering where you are now!

Jonie said...

Europe to! Anak ng tokwa ka!

Alice said...

That's a beautiful room! Can't wait to see more pics and get more clues. LOL!

Maus said...

I stayed here as well :)

Enjoy, I like their free chocolates :D

cpsanti said...

have fun! ;-) love the room. heehee. beats the cheap hostels of my student days. hahaha!

Garando said...

Nope! :) But I already emailed you where I'm at. LOL.


Dennis Villegas:
Yup, will post about the trip soon enough.

LOL. Madalas ka na dun eh. Ako naman. :D

Alice Teh:
Thanks. That's definitely coming up!

Hello! Oh did you? Although I didn't get any chocolates... I think you got upgraded. Lucky you! Kwentuhan tayo when I'm back in the office.

I still prefer hostels though! It's very affordable, more informal, and you get to meet a lot of cool people. Great if you're backpacking! Work kase to eh, so lubusin ko na. :D