Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garando's Errand Challenge #1

Garandee: "Garando..."

Garando: "Yes?"

Garandee: "I ran out of sanitary napkins..."

Garando: "I see."

Garandee: "Can you please buy me some?"

Garando: " ... "

Garandee: "Can you?"

Garando: "uhhhh... well...."

Garandee: "Don't worry, people won't think you're the one who will use it!"

Garando: "Hmmmmm... but...."

Garandee: "Just be MACHO! Talk to the cashier in a very deep and low voice. Drop the napkin in front of her and say, IT'S FOR MY FEMALE WIFE! You know, like Yakuza style!"

Garando: "Yeah, but still..."

Garandee: "I remember you bought me some before we got married."

Garando: "I did?"

Garandee: "HAI! And now we're married you don't want to buy me napkins anymore. HMPH!"

Garando: "...I did?"

Later that evening...

Garando: "Tadaima!" (I'm home)

Garandee: "Okaeri!" (Welcome home)

Garando: "Here you go."

Garandee: "WOW!!! You bought the napkins!"

Garando: "I guess it's better than asking me to buy a pair of ladies' underwear."

Garandee: "WOW! SWEET NAMAN!!" (how sweet!)

Garando mode:
Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

After reading your hilarious entry, I remembered my guy friend whom I asked to buy me panty liners. He was so humiliated but he did it anyway in the name of great friendship. And up to this day, he still can't get the brand out of his mind and remembers me every time he sees the panty liner in the grocery store. Aylavet.

Anyway, Happy Easter to you and Garandee!

jeanny said...

Hahaha. Garando san your so sweet. Hubz havent done that yet. He is so swerte, lagi akong nabili sa supermarket pag nauubos ang stock ko dito sa house.

Unknown said...

I wonder why some guys find it so embarrassing to buy female products. I don't think I would have such a problem.
Just go, get the stuff, pay and you're done, it's just like buying an ice cream.

Though I find it funny to read this kind of story :)

sheng said...

I remember having sent hubby on the same mission, he was hesitant at first but he has to do it or we can't ever get out of the house. Oh, He bought me some brassieres a few years back, he was the one choosing the design and size for me, hahaha...

Missy said...

You made me laugh when I read your blog blessing in disguise I just asked my husband to buy me ladies underwear from Victoria's Secret since he's in Mississippi right now( and you know we don't have here in Japan) and he even bought me bra hahaha. Before, he's very hesitant to buy something from VS store hehehe, it takes 16 years to finally buy me one (oh he bought more actually, kinda like it now huh) by himself LOL.

Midge said...

I have no idea why you menfolk are so hesitant about buying basic necessities for us girls. *snerk* I remember my last boyfriend; he used to blanch whenever he passed by napkin / feminine care displays. *insert evil guffaw here*

Garando said...

LOL. Had a similar experience: When I bought those napkins I remember there were so many different variants to a single brand so I just bought all of them. Didn't know which one she actually needed kase. :D

Hmmmm... Maybe it's time for his luck to ran out. How about asking him to buy some and check his reaction. Just for fun! :D hehe..

I guess it's just a "guy thing". But I agree with you, I'm sure a lot of men out there have no hesitation in buying those things. :)

Sheng & Missy:
Wow, I admire your husbands! Hmmm.. I'm still a bit hesitant to take the challenge to the next level (ladies' underwear), but I think I can do it when the time comes. And perhaps as long as men don't go sniffing the underwear they're buying, it should be fine. :D

It's a "guy thing"... probably has something to do with our hormones perhaps? LOL. But even if we hesitate, we'll do it eventually. ;D

Jules said...

whuahahah...Sweet mo nman Garando..;D
La nman nkakahiya sa pagbili ng mga girl thing if you are a guy right?!
Pro di mo rin maalis sa ibang guy yon.Btw,galing gn ginawa moh, napatunayan mo n nman na sweet ka.ahehehe..;D

ms firefly said...

hehe, you deserve the "how sweet naman" compliment!

when we were in davao 2 years ago, i didn't expect my period to come just before we left the hotel for cebu. i asked kj to call the housekeeping dept. of the marco polo if they have sanitary napkins because his wife needs it pronto and we don't have time to go out and buy anymore. and he did! i think that was so sweet of him too, in 10 minutes i was finally out from holing in the bathroom. ^-^

Unknown said...

Uy,,may langgam na jan.ahehehe.
"How sweet nga nman"..Hay nku kelan ka kya mag=post ng sweet pics nyo ni Garandee??=) Looking forward on that..

Chynna Dantes said...

That's very sweet. I agree with Solo, we hope mag post kayo ng pics ni Garandee... I'm dying to see her. Hahahaha :D

Leamsi said...

garandee is lucky to have you..ako naman pag kailangan ng girly things, my husband would just call the supermarket's landline number and ask them to deliver napkins, pantyliners, etc. especially here in middle east, parang dyahe talaga na bumili ang lalaki ng napkin. :D

Alice said...

I shall experiment this on me husband. You and Garandee are such an inspiration!

Chyng said...

humiliating ba talaga yan for men? then i must appreciate Enrico for buying me those nung nasa CamSur kame.. hehe

Unknown said...

Ah, just man up and buy it!
Simple as that! :)
And I have to say that it's good to "be able" to also buy ladies underwear. It's a nice gift (for who? hehehe) you can give.

Mabel said...

ohhh...your husband is sweet :-)

HalfCrazy said...

Ahaha, sweet nga! I really salute guys who buy napkins for their girlfriends/wives/daughters/friends! Besides, I know the cashier wouldn't mind! Cashiers are usually females naman, I'm sure they adore you too!

Lantaw said...

Hahahaha! You are not the only one bro :D

physiquemama said...

I have seen a middle aged guy standing at the napkins section in SM. When I was picking one, he stared at me. I guess he didn’t have any ideas which one to choose like you. I strongly recommend Whisper to all guys asked to buy one by their girls. That’s the most excellent one! I guarantee!

Garando said...

True, may point ka. Siguro it's because I never bought anything like that in my entire life. So medyo naninibago ako, or baka it's just my testosterone kicking in. :D

Ms Firefly:
Thank you! :D Yep, buying ladies' toiletries and underwear are actually included in the marriage vow we made with our wives. As in! You can always count on us, husbands 24/7. ;)

LOL. Langgam talaga ha! Photos? I thought about it, but... SHY ako eh. Super. As in. LOL. :D

Chynna Dantes:
Hello! Medyo I'm worried if I post our photos baka biglang mawala lahat ng readers ko. LOL.

You're lucky too! Your husband is definitely as sweet as all the other ones who buy toiletries for their wives. He's just more efficient! Hmmm... Magawa nga yan... :D

Alice Teh:
Glad to hear that! Do ready your camera so you can catch his priceless expression when you ask him. ;D

Nope, it's not humiliating at all. We're just... not used to it siguro kaya we hesitate a bit. Pero gagawin din namin for sure kase it's no big deal. ;)

So true! Couldn't have said it better myself. ;) Other men buy ladies underwear for "other" reasons though... lol. It's left to the cashier's imagination what they'll do with it.

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Uhh... I don't have a husband though... just a wife pa lang. :D

Thank you, thank you! (bow) Well hopefully some of them adore us hubby's... there are probably a few who will wonder if we wear ladies underwear in the evenings. lol!

Yeah, apparently it's a common phenomenon. lol!

Thank you very much for that advice! I'll take note, and it will definitely save me a lot of money because I ended up buying Garandee all the napkins I saw at the convenience store that time. :D

kg said...

di mo rin natiis ha! funny!

is it really that hard for guys to buy sanitary napkins? i mean it's a fact of life naman... for women nga lang. he! he!

escape said...

"Just be MACHO! Talk to the cashier in a very deep and low voice. Drop the napkin in front of her and say, IT'S FOR MY FEMALE WIFE! You know, like Yakuza style!">>> hahaha... ang kulit ng linyang ito. magamit nga in the future.

Garando said...

Di naman sobrang hirap. Kelangan lang ng konting buwelo... mabibili ko rin eventually. ;)

the donG:
Yup, mukhang pwedeng i re-apply yan sa iba't ibang situation. :D

cpsanti said...

wahahaha! that was sweet ;-) is it really that hard? hahaha! loved garandee's yakuza advice, it made me think of myself after i had watched too much gokusen and crows zero ;-)

Rico said...

I don't know what it is about feminine napkins but guys are so "afraid" of it. It's like our kryptonite.
Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with it, yet. But I do have a plan. Grocery. I'll load my cart with lots of stuff so it won't be that embarrassing.:)

Garando said...

It's challenging, but doable. LOL. My brother is crazy about Gokusen too, I'll recommend crows zero next.

Wow, that's an excellent idea! Now why didn't I think of that earlier? LOL :D

Clarissa said...

hahahahaa!!I' m using my husband to buy me a napkin,too.A lot in common to Garandee!

Garando said...

Yep, we husbands are very useful. All you need to do is feed us...meat. LOL