Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going Organic

The other day Garandee came running to me with a knife in her hand. I thought I was in big trouble, but she looked horrified: her face was pale and her hands were shaking...

Garandee: "Eeeeeeeekkk!!! Garando!"

Garando: " !!!! "

Garandee: "There's something in the cabbage!! I will change our menu today!"

Garando: "Why? I was looking forward to your rolled cabbage soup...."

I went to the kitchen to check out the cabbage and found a neatly sliced worm at the core.

Garando: "Looks like you just executed a worm"

Garandee: "I HATE WORMS!"

Garandee freaks out at anything that slithers or wiggles. Snakes, worms, caterpillars, eels, catfish, you name it. I thought living in the Philippines will help her overcome that fear because these are pretty common (well maybe except snakes). And maybe I shouldn't mention that I even had to get de-wormed at age 5, but too late for that because she can read this blog anyway.

Garando: "Looks like this cabbage is organic. Zero pesticides, or else you wouldn't find these critters in it."

Garandee: "Really? But that never happens in Japan. We have organic too."

Garando: "Well that's probably because your vegetables go through x-rays before hitting the shelves. You know, to detect worms and stuff. Our vegetables just get rinsed.... once."

Garandee: " .... "

Garando: "See? I pulled it out. Just imagine it as an organic asparagus."

Garandee: "NYO!!!"

I ended up eating radish soup that day.

Garando mode:
Ryan Adams' new CD is awesome!

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