Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Garandee: "Garando, did you already ask about the requirements for getting a drivers' license for foreigners?"

Garando: "Uh, not yet... I was very busy."

Garandee: "Ikaw! I already reminded you so many times! Please get the requirements already. The sooner I can drive, the better!"

Wow, what a sudden change of heart. I remember she said she will NEVER drive in Manila. Anybody who's seen the state of traffic around here will immediately understand why.

Garando: "Ok, before you REALLY start driving, you'll need to graduate from Garando's Defensive Driving for Dummies."

Garandee: "Ok po. We have car insurance di ba?"

Garando: "Yes, I got that all covered."

Later at the office...

Garando: "Hello. Malayan Insurance?"

Insurance Agent: "Yes, may I help you?"

Garando: "My wife's about to start driving. How much do I pay extra for Act Of God coverage?"

Garando mode:
Maybe I should only let her drive during Sundays...


lenj said...

"Maybe I should only let her drive during Sundays... "
- basta walang sale sa mall! ^_^

Anonymous said...

wahahaha! driving in the philippines IS scary!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she had a change of heart, by letting her drive the Philippines roads, it would surely be a big adventure for her!

Anonymous said...

i've always believed that if you can drive in manila, pwede ka na kahit saan. try alabang and sucat...isama mo pa manila area! grabe! driving lessons to the max!

Garando said...

LOL! Good point!

VERY scary. Saka I'm worried baka sa ibang lane pumasok ito. Right hand drive kase dyan sa Japan eh.

Oo nga, I guess I am seeing the origins of a lakwachera. :D Hopefully she can drive me to work so I don't have to worry about parking costs.

Yup, lalo na driving through Carriedo! Pero alam mo, if we thought Manila was bad, mas grabe pa pala sa India. Halos lahat ng kotse sa Delhi bale ang side mirror!

Anonymous said...

Husband taught me how to drive but he decided not to let me drive na lang when he experienced me driving the kahabaan of Sucat hahaha...

Unknown said...

hi Mr. G,
in MNL i think it's more than just driving, it's like a quest, parang obstacle course. Mrs.G is very brave to want to try!
thanks for visiting, and for sharing Mrs. G's delicious cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

"Act Of God coverage"
So funny! Ano yun, parang force majeur?

Dennis Villegas said...

Hehehe I would love to pay for that "Act of God" coverage too!

Also your school of defensive Driving for Dummies is quite interesting huh?

Anyway, you said this was Garandee's year so it's no surprise she'll take care of the driving and you'll be in the passenger seat!

Alice said...

That was too funny, Garando.

Coincidentally, hubby and I was on the topic of my driving as well. You see, we were on a roadtrip and I did ask him a few times if he needed help. I never got to hold the steering wheel. LOL.

Garando said...

LOL! Bakit daw? Hala, baka naman kase you gave him the scare of his life. :D

You're welcome! You are so right about the obstacle course! :D

Thanks for dropping by! Yup, buti na yung sigurado! :D

@Dennis Villegas
Yup, the "Defensive Driving for Dummies" course is something I've learned over years and years of experience dodging taxi's, jeepneys, buses, vendors, pedestrians, Motorcycles and cats. Hopefully when she does get to drive, I will enjoy being on the passenger seat instead of panicking. :D

@Alice Teh
LOL! Well at least I had Garandee take the driver's seat once, ummm ok maybe the car wasn't moving at that time... but eventually she'll be driving me to the office soon. :D

Anonymous said...

Try greenhills on a weekend right after the 15th or 30th... go into it from annapolis, then around several times on the commercial block, then look for parking. Sort of a soft entry to your defensive driving course...

Next challenge is Edsa and Quezon Ave! :P

Act of God... we all need that hahaha!