Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trifle Revisited

We couldn't get our minds off the Fresh Fruit Trifle that Garandee made for Christmas so she decided to make it again (lucky me!). There's only one problem: We were out of fruits.

We also overspent during the holidays so it's not likely we were going to splurge on strawberries, mangoes and melons anytime soon (they're pretty expensive around here). Garandee had to improvise.

B Trifle 03
Enter the Choco Banana Trifle!

B Trifle 02

A cheaper cousin to the Fresh Fruit Trifle, she used "easy to acquire" ingredients making it more affordable, but maintaining the quality and overall Garando satisfaction. Hee hee.

What's in it:
- Bananas from the nearest palengke (market)
- Chocolate sponge cake
- Custard
- Whipped cream (it's often in stock at home)
- Meiji Milk Chocolate Bar

B Trifle 01

This time, she made layers of custard, bananas and whipped cream all mixed together, sandwiched between the sponge cake, then topped it off with the same stuff. Instead of choco sprinkles, she showered it with grated Meiji Milk Chocolate. It made it look more... "expensive".

Oh! I forgot one last ingredient. LOVE.

What can I say? It tasted awesome and it didn't last the weekend.

Garando mode:
Listening to The Camerawalls debut album and lovin' it!


Anonymous said...

you know what, this actually looks more "tempting" than the fruit trifle...I want to try this! ang sarap ng itsura! :)

Garando said...

Hi Kg. Yup, I agree! I think it also tastes better even if it only has bananas. It's probably a little bit similar to a banoffee pie, one of my favorite desserts. :)

Anonymous said...

yummeh. Hay naku it midnight na nagutom tuloy ako. I cannot think clearly na.

Anonymous said...

Ay ang sarap, although I am really not a banana lover, this is really tempting.

Anonymous said...

Its not fair to tempt the sick girl... due to flu and sniffles, everything tastes like sawdust right about now. :D

Re the Collective Sould Song, I don't think its a new song, its been around since 2000. In the Blender album. And yup, i do listen to your collections from time to time, i find them great! :)

Anonymous said...

"Oh! I forgot one last ingredient. LOVE." ---> hahaha, that's soo cute!

this looks good, by the way. garandee is so creative.

Garando said...

Thanks! How about trying it at home? It might change your mind about bananas. ;)

Oh! I think I have that Blender album here somewhere... I'll go look for it and listen to it on my way to work tomorrow.
Sorry to hear you got the flu. Get well soon!

I actually got that "LOVE" thingie from Garandee. She always says it after she whips up something special. She goes, "with my LOVVVVVVVAH!!" Oh, and she also said, "Thank you!!" to you. :)

Alice said...

Ahem! Whipped cream (it's often in stock at home)

That's interesting... LOL.

Anyway... the trifle is making me drool, Garando. Thank you very much. Thank you, Garandee. Beautiful photos! :D

Anonymous said...

wow, that really looks delish!

Dennis Villegas said...

That looks gorgeous! Lovely cake, so picture-perfect! Thelast ingredient: LOVE, is what made it so special!
Hi to Garandee ;)

Garando said...

Thank you! Right you are about the whipped cream. I shouldn't wonder why I have been gaining weight. :D

Thanks! Try it out at home, you'll love it! :)

Thank you! ...and Garandee says "Konnichiwa!" to you. :)
She was so delighted to see you comments, she's been working hard to improve her food photography.

Anonymous said...



Garando said...

Naku, sayang na ubos na namin... nasa Cebu ka kase eh! LOL!