Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hang on tight!

Last Wednesday we were scheduled to go to the NSO office in Quezon City to follow up the endorsement that we got from Batangas, and finally request for copies of our Marriage Contract.

Since my car is banned* during Wednesdays, I told Garandee that we will have to commute this time. This got her really excited since she doesn't get to ride jeepneys and the MRT that often.


We rode in one of the jeepneys that'll take us to the nearest MRT station. Luckily this one was almost empty so there was a lot of room to get comfortable.

Maybe too comfortable.

Garandee was looking out the window enjoying the view, when the driver suddenly slammed on the brakes to pick up a passenger. Garandee launched forward, her forehead heading straight for the lady's armpit. Good thing I had quick, action-hero reflexes so I grabbed her arms and pulled her back to my side.

Garandee regained her composure and turned to me, her face all blushed like a tomato.

Garandee: "Sorry po. I'm a beginner..."

I gave her a "comforting" look, then she clung to my arm for the rest of the trip.

*in Manila private cars are banned for one weekday to control traffic in the metro.

Garandee mode:


Anonymous said...

awww....she did not get hurt naman di ba? Glady our there. ;)

Happy a great Sunday!

Maver said...

sana naman walang amoy ang kilikili. hehe.

any must-sees or must-eats in the city of smiles? it's gonna be my first time :D


Dennis Villegas said...

Some Jeepney drivers are really reckless when driving. Too bad Garandee had a bad experience, when she expected a good one.

Garando said...

Yup, she was fine. She'll get used to riding jeeps eventually :) Thanks and I hope you had a great Sunday too!

LOL! Let's see... I can recommend the ff:
- Pendy's restaurant (casual dining)
- Bacolod Chicken House (the best inasal IMO)
- Manukan Country (more inasal)
- 21st bar & restaurant (casual dining)
- Pala pala sa 18th (their version of "dampa". Grilled blue marlin is a must try!)
- Conee's (try their "Kansi" Bacolod's version of Bulalo)
- Bob's Restaurant (I recommend their "sate babe", and Bob's burger)

Not much to see in Bacolod unless it's the Masskara festival. You can check out Mambukal resort. Negros has some nice white sand beaches but it takes 3-5 hours drive.

Hope this helps! Feel free to leave a comment if you need more help! ;) I hope you have a wonderful time in Bacolod!!

Garando said...

Yeah, it's also one of the reasons why she doesn't want to drive in Manila, kahit anong pilit ko... the jeepneys, taxis and buses freak her out daw.

Anonymous said...

garando, tell garandee she's not alone. read mo to:

i was supposed to ask garandee to read it, kaya lang di nya ata maiinitindihan because it's in tagalog. :)

have a great weekend to the two of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Ay, ano ba yan, it could have ended up good if the driver was careful, kahit man lang sa pag brake! That, and a lot more is probably the reason why I cannot stand living in Luzon!

Garando said...

Thanks for sharing the link! Sobrang natuwa ako sa jeepney post mo! I'll read it to her in english... I even left a comment to share my funny experience. hehe!
Thanks, and I hope you had a great weekend too!

Sabi nga nila: dito sa Maynila, kung di ka man mamatay sa accidente sa sobrang barumbado ng mga Jeepney drivers, mamamatay ka sa tetanus sa sobrang bulok ng mga jeepney. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can always imagine the two of you in your "adventures"... By the way, I gave you a blog award, please drop by my blog to get it :D

Garando said...

Thanks for dropping by. I checked out your blog, it's pretty cool. :)

WOW! Thank you, I am so honored! This is my first ever blog award!! :D Heading to your blog now...