Friday, June 12, 2009

Special Skills

Last night we were scanning through cable TV channels when we came across this live show that featured Chinese acrobats.

Garando: "Wow! These Chinese acrobats are so amazing aren't they?"

Garandee: "They must have started training at a very young age. I bet it earns them a lot of money."

Garando: "True. It takes years to develop that special skill."

Garandee: "Do... What's my special skill?"

Garando: "Complaining."

Garandee: "Complaining!! And what's your special skill?!"

Garando: "Cleaning up your mess."

Garandee: "NYO!!"

Garando mode:
I slept very well that night


witsandnuts said...

Thanks for the laugh. =) When I watched Alegria Cirque du Soleil, I was so amazed with the contortionist who happened to be a Mongolian. I thought she has been practising twisting her bones since day 1. Lol. =)

Unknown said...

Oh my, i am laughing all day by this post..Didn't Garandee hit you when you said it to her?1 Kidding..;D Have a great weekend.;D

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ms firefly said...

hihi, that was so cute and hilarious!
was that meant to get back at her for your 'sleeping like a baby' pic she sent to her mom? ^-^

Mai da Paypay said...

this is funny garando!!!

relate ako sobra kase my hubby says the same thing to me. i like to complain daw, but I don't think so naman. hmpf.

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

My wife keeps on complaining too and I always tell her about it :)

Rico said...

I complain a lot too! And I always feel like I'm sick, probably man flu.

The Pope said...

Very funny, we are on the same boat Mr. G., I hope Mrs. G is not related to my wife...hahahahaha (lolz)

A blessed weekend.

Garando said...

True! Their flexibility and balance is outstanding!

She gave me the look of death. That was about it. lol. Have a great weekend too!

Ms firefly:
Maybe! :D Either that or I was just being honest. hehe!

Mai da Paypay:
Ganun? But sometimes it's one of the things that make wives so adorable. ;)

Dodong Flores:
Any strategies to share then? :D

Me too! But the one thing I never complain about is her cooking. If I did that I will not live to see the next day.

The Pope:
Us husbands need to stick together then! Hala, I hope this post doesn't create a hubbies vs. wifeys comment exchange. Patay tayo dyan. LOL!

Alice said...

Wow... I would give my hubs the look of death if that's the answer. LOL! Very funny, Garando!

Garando said...

Alice Teh:
Uh oh!
These would be one of the very few incidents wherein I got away with being a smartass. She was probably too sleepy already :D

Unknown said...

Ah, special skills.
Do everyone have a special skill?
I don't know. What can be considered a "special" skill? Something that it's innate?
Is learning a special skill? Isn't being able to use our brain a skill that's pretty much special? Isn't having even an average dextery a skill special enough?
Oh well, why all these questions?
Being able to clean the mess is quite a skill :P
Being able to complain is also a skill, specially if you can complain agains service quality :) but better than that is when you're actually heard. :D

My special skill is being able to spend most of my free time thinking on what I should be doing and how much more productive would be my life if I actually did those thinks in my mind and not only think about them. :)
Yeah, it's hard to think about doing and not doing it at all!

Garando said...

I totally enjoyed your comment! Very good points, and I love your humor! Come to think of it, that means I'm highly skilled at sleeping. :D

twishinky said...

oh welcome back! i really love your blog, glad you're at it again! :) and the godchildren photos were adorable.

See you around! :)

Garando said...

Thanks! Yeah, I actually just got back from another blog vacation because I got sick and work piled up. Glad to be back too! :)