Monday, June 8, 2009



It's great to be back in civilization! Yes, it took over two weeks to get my internet back up and running properly.

Can you guess the reason why I got disconnected?
a) A Telecom repair person yanked my connection and forgot to plug it back in
b) My broadband modem was qualified to be traded-off in an antique store
c) A Telecom engineer messed with my account giving me blazing speeds comparable to a dial-up connection.

I'll give you the answer right now: d) All of the above!

Wasn't that exciting?!

(sarcasm mode: off)

On the bright side, at least Garandee and I were able to spend more quality time together. She got to watch all her pending Japanese soap dramas, and I got to...

got to...

uhhh... the support hotline constantly and bug them to hell. Sigh.

Garando mode:
Sorry for missing your comments and blogs, I'll be on CATCH-UP MODE!


witsandnuts said...

All of the above ang answer. Lol. I guessed right why you were so 'quiet'. Net connection issues nga. Welcome back! Na-miss namin ang posts mo. =)

Maver said...

I am dead scared to ask which telco service you are referring to. Hehe!

Garando said...

Yeah, those two weeks felt like eternity! I missed all you guys! Now I'm back, I'm gonna do a lot of catching up. :)

LOL! Here's a clue: Monopoly. :D

lenj said...

kaya naman pala! namiss ko mga posts mo. nevertheless, it's good to know that you're back! ^__^

Anonymous said...

At last mababasa na ulit kita. Para maiba naman dahil recently puro seryoso ang kalipunan ng mga OFWs dahil sa isinulat ng isang blogger.

kg said...

hay naku! those "customer service" people can't be relied on talaga!

glad you're back garando!

Rico said...

Good to have you back man! We guys can only hold the fort for so long.
Looking forward to more updates!

Missy said...

Kaya pala ang tagal mong nawala :-) but I'm glad you're back. I miss Garandee na eh....ooppps you too hahaha

Garando said...

Thank you! It's good to be back. :)

Hala! Bakit? I'll hop over sa mga blogs nyo to check out why...

Yeah, it's hard to get good service nowadays. I'm just glad to be back in the blogging world. :)

LOL! Thanks for holding the fort! I promise to catch up on your posts as well! ;)

Naku dami na talagang fans ni Garandee ah! Lagi pa nga nya binabasa mga comments ng blog ko eh. Tuwang tuwa sa inyo. :D

Alice said...

Welcome back, Garando!

I don't like dealing with the telco service peeps too...

cpsanti said...

hey, hey! what j-doramas is garandee watching? ;-)

Garando said...

Alice Teh:
Thank you!

She watches a LOT! She's a certified addict of :D
Let me list some of the recent ones she's watching:
- NHK's Tenchijin
- Kiina
- Pandora
- Yasuko to Kenji

ms firefly said...

welcome back!
we didn't have internet for more than two weeks, and it wasn't so bad either, kj and i got to enjoy the sun and sit in our bare garden. hihi

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Welcome back! Glad that the Telecom company finally fixed all the mess. But they can't return back the time being lost...

Ako naman, I have the Internet connection but the time to bloghop is very much limited. Will try to catch up too... :)

Unknown said...

Well, I know how it is to be away from the internet.
Was in the same situation this last week but mine wasn't a problem with the ISP but with the computer itself.
Not completely solved but anyway, life keeps going so let's catch up everything right?

It's good to have some quality time with your partner every once in a while (the more frequent the better, obviously).