Monday, June 8, 2009

The Japaninang

There is no escape.

Now that Garandee has decided to settle in the Philippines, a country whose population is about 80% Catholic, it was only a matter of time before she became a Ninang (Godmother)

So about a year ago, she finally got the offer she couldn't refuse. She became a full-pledged Ninang with all the necessary perks included. A year later, she was invited to her goddaughter's first birthday party.

It was about an hour's drive to her goddaughter's party and Garandee was pretty excited to see her.

BUT we were late... and goddaughter wasn't too pleased.

Thea 01

Isn't she adorable?

Thea 02

She was very skeptical when I took out my bucket of excuses...

Thea 03

But it looks like she bought it! So we were off the hook...


Her big brother is also a cutie by the way.


...thank heavens they didn't follow after their Dad.

Thea 04

Garandee: "I will limit my godchildren to at most, two. The less I have the more attention and love I can give them!"

Garando: "Good luck with that. I stopped counting godkids after reaching seven."

(play Godfather theme here)

Garandee mode:


Anonymous said...

Cute photos.

I bet Garandee sang Under the Sea (Japanese version) after seeing her grandchild. Hehehe.

I think I'm luckier than most Filipinos. Bilang ang inaanak ko -- I guess I only have 5. Of the 5, I only know 2.

jeanny said...

she's adorable, parang pang ad yun photo nya :)

Wow ninang na si garandee, maghanda na sya sa pasko hehehehe!!!

Glad your back garando :)

Chyng said...

SUPER!!! Very cute!

Sleepless In KL said...

What a cute little mermaid! Pwera usog!

kg said...

ang cute! did she get to swim in her mermaid suit? ["up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun, wandering free, wish i could be, part of that world!"]

on the serious side, i think being a godparent is one of the most misused parts of our culture. tama si garandee, being a godparent is like being a second parent, kaya we should shower them with love and guidance. eh how would we do that if the friend of a cousin of the neighbor of your officemate is asking you to be a ninang/ninong? and that child is your 56th inaanak? gosh! ang hirap!

Sardonyx said...

Your blog title is cute, "Japaninang" hehehe and Garandee's goddaughter is so cute w/ her mermaid costume. Where's Garandee? Did she wear a costume too? hehehe I think you need to have a kid now hehehe


sheng said...

You have seven, i got nine... waaah... and still counting, maybe i should refuse offers already...

Midge said...

Bwahahahahaha! Welcome back! I agree with Garandee; you stop ninang duty at two! (And, thank God, dalawa lang inaanak ko - and both are out of the country!)

Rico said...

That's one little I wouldn't mess around with! Scary! She's very cute when she's not pissed.
I too have lost count of my godkids. That's part of being Pinoy for us, I guess.

mordsith said...

i had my first godchild was when i was still in elementary. haha.

so garandee's godchild is a mermaid? interesting. lol

witsandnuts said...

I loved the first photo! Priceless shot. =) I like the theme. Sana cute pa rin for those over 7 years old. Haha.

Jules said...

Oh my! So cute nman nya..hehe
Hala kayo, galit sya dahil late kayo..hahaha

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Oman said...

very adorable. when she grows up i could see lara quigaman in her. so pretty.

Garando said...

Thank you! Garandee was the one who took those photos. :)
Lucky you, I have LOT and I actually feel a bit guilty na I don't get to keep in touch with most of them anymore. Wala na rin kase akong pera pang regalo. LOL!

Haha oo. May additional expenses na si Garandee. Thank you, I'm glad to be back too. :)

Di ba?? I hope she stays that cute forever! :)

Sleepless in KL:
LOL! Nakakatuwa yung 4 ngipin nya pag galit sya.

Unfortunately her mermaid suit was not waterproof, so she had to stay dry. :D Would you believe lola pala nya yung nag design at nagpatahi ng costume nya? Kala ko binili nila somewhere.
Very true about the inaanak culture. I can't seem to manage and keep in touch with all of them, but the parents who are really close to me I try my best to hold dear.

Sayang, Garandee didn't have a costume, but she does have one in her closet that she uses during halloween! :D
Nakupo, baka next year na yung anak. LOL I guess we need to plan for it muna...

NINE?? Wow, how do you manage? Ang gastos ng Christmas mo no? :D

Lucky you! :D

Yeah, you wouldn't want to piss her off or else you'll find 4 tiny teeth marks on your finger soon enough. :D

Ganun?? Sooo early! I didn't even know that was possible. Very interesting!

I hope so too. :D
Her big bro has grown up quite nicely, so she should be in good shape. hehe

Yup! Parang kakagatin kami eh! LOL

I had to search Lara Quigaman in Google images, and wow, she is PRETTY! ;)

chyng said...

Yes Garando, 1,600 sa Circles!

The Pope said...

Cute and adorable, a little Angel, Mrs. G surely adore her. she has to prepare for the 'aguinaldo' on christmas hahahaha, I guess I have more than 15 godkids in my list....

Happy Father's Day to you.

Alice said...

Too cute! Hahahahaha!

SuperSawsaw said...

nde kaya nagkasakit yung bata dun sa suot nya? hehe.

Glenda said...

Haha! That's right - good luck with having only two godchildren. Me, save for the children of immediate family members, I've lost track of who (not how many) are my godchildren. :-) The photos are cute and funnee!

Mai da Paypay said...

i love the photos garando!!!

funny!!! good luck talaga kay garandee, lalo na when they all discover she's a generous ninang pala, hee hee! ;)

fortuitous faery said...

oooh, that is one unhappy little mermaid! haha. good thing she overcame her moody phase there! so cute!

caryn said...

ang cuuuute! let me guess, little mermaid ang theme? ;-)

Garando said...

Yikes, mahal din pala no? :D

The Pope:
15 godkids?? Wow! I can't imagine how you can keep track of that many! Happy Father's Day to you as well. :)

Alice Teh:
Yeah, she's such a cutie isn't she?

Buti at hindi naman nagkasakit, pinawisan nga lang ng husto. It was a very hot day eh.
Thanks for visiting Balut & Natto!

Glenda & Mai da Paypay:
Thanks! All those photos were taken by Garandee by the way. Under my supervision. LOL! :D

Fortuitous Faery:
Yeah. It took a little effort and some tickling, then she was smiling in no time! Thanks for visiting Balut & Natto!

Yup! It was a Little Mermaid swimming party. :D

ms firefly said...

i've stopped counting too. i have that many, and i'm not even catholic. ^-^

i lurrve that mermaid outfit! ♥
wala akong ganyan na party ever. kakainggit.

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

I love the facial expression of the kid in the first photo...

Your wife is right. The less the godchildren, the more love and attention she can give. But why limit only for two if you can handle seven? ;)

Garando said...

Ms Firefly:
Kids are so lucky these days aren't they? Bedsheet lang yung costume ko nung bata ako. :)

Dodong Flores:
It's most likely because we share one savings account now. LOL! :D

Unknown said...

Godfather, godmother, godchildren....I've never heard these expressions but I believe I know what they mean. Oh well, this is just taking the expression "kids are good when they're from another family" to a literal meaning :P
But maybe it's a good solution for those who likes kids but don't feel ready to have their own.

Well, since I'm not sure how to behave when kids are nearby nor how to treat them properly I think I would pass any offers and would try to erase any thoughts of having kids that a possible partner of mine(will I ever find someone crazy enough for me again? :P) could have.