Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Contest Entry

Glenda of Oodles and Goodles, is celebrating her birthday this June and she's giving away beautiful prizes to somebody who can share the best quote. Check out the prizes and rules here.

And here's my entry! Drum roll please...

Weemee Do quote contest

Ok, I know that's not exactly a winning entry. But it was better than the other quote I was looking at:

"She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon."
- Groucho Marx

Garando mode:
Wishing you a happy birthday, Glenda!


kg said...

i find the second one better! he! he!

i found a pic of this groucho marx here: is this for real? the moustache seems like a black furry caterpillar resting below his nose!

Rico said...

Haha! Great impression!
I like the second one too!
I'm a TV addict. I even watch 'em infomercials. Have you seen Miracle Blade 3? Awesome! And just Php2000 for all seven! :)

onyxx said...

hey, i look groucho marx (along with his screen siblings). i find his comments refreshingly apt and pointed -- to say nothing of his twirling mustache heheheh

onyxx said...

ooops... is there a way for you to change "look" to "like"? i pressed the PUBLISH button too soon. sorry :)

ms firefly said...

groucho is hilarious!
as capt. spalding on his voyage to south africa: "we spent 15 days on the water and 6 on the boat", or something like that. LOL ^-^

@ kg: famous moustache and eyebrows are part of the show, he used greasepaint in the later years. or so i thought! ^-^

Mai da Paypay said...

comedy ka talaga garando!!! LOL! :)

Alice said...

LOL! I have no choice. I don't have a tv (by choice) at home!

mordsith said...

hey! the mustache looks good on you. LOL :)

Chyng said...

Interesting! Sali din ako jan!

Oman said...


Garando said...

Yeah, that's his trademark: the weird moustache, thick eyebrows, and a big cigar. Weird but funny! Check out one of the Marx brother's movies if you get the chance. :)

Thanks hehe! Hmmmm I've only seen the Power juicer and the breast enlargement ointments. By chance! :D

No problem! Good thing you noticed the typo pronto, for a moment there I thought you meant "I look (like) Groucho Marx" so I was a bit surprised. lol!

Ms. Firefly:
True! Ah that quote sounds quite familiar... I think I saw that movie! :D

Mai da Paypay:
Wala ako ma isip na iba eh. hehe...

Alice Teh:
No TV? Really? No reality shows? Then you're not missing much. Don't worry. :D

Thank you! I kinda like the "organic" look it gave my avatar. Lol.

Game! Will look out for your entry quote! :)

roflmao :D

Unknown said...

Oh, the contest is over already...or almost and I don't have any quotes in my head.

I used to create some nice phrases (at least I thought they were nice) but now I don't remember any.

"Learn from the past to make the present a better place so we can enjoy a better future."

This is the only one I can remember right now. Oh well, I guess it's because I'm
1) sleepy
2) trying to remember
3) sleepy
so I think it's not strange that none is coming to my mind. Sometimes you don't remember what you want when you try.

Maybe I'll also start taking notes of the phrases I create or remember I created. Who knows when it could be useful? :)

fortuitous faery said...

true dat, true dat! :P

Midge said...

I should have taken your advice and not read your blog while eating breakfast. Muntik-muntikan na tuloy ako mabulunan sa katatawa. :D

Oh, and I tagged you for the bookworm's meme; it's over on my blog.

Jules said...

Love the second one! Hope to see more form you fren. Sana manalo..hahaha =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Glenda said...

I like both quotes haha! Somehow, those quotes are so you. Thanks Garando for joining and for putting a smile on our lips :-)

jeanny said...

ganyan na ba itsura mo ngayon with that hairy face hahhaa!!!!

Love this entry Garando. I wonder sino nanalo check ko nga!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Garando said...

That's an excellent idea! The only things I write on notes are summaries from my meetings. So boring! I too should start writing down my thoughts. I've actually started doing that, and I'm posting it in twitter!

Fortuitous Faery:
Yup, reality shows aren't educating. :D

Thanks for the tag! :) I'm glad that I made you laugh kahit papano. Just make sure someone's around to give you the 'hind lick maneuver in case of emergency... este Heimlich maneuver pala.

Keeping my fingers crossed! hehe. Pero ok lang kahit hindi, it's all for making Glenda's birthday special!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Mapurol na kase yung pang-ahit ko eh! lol! :D have a great week as well!

cpsanti said...

wahahaha! love the groucho marx mustache! ;-)

Rein said...

Hey Garando!

I've been visiting your blog lately and I just can't help but ask:

"Napakain mo na ba ng balut si Garandee?" :p

Garando said...

Bagay ba? lol :D

LOL! Hindi pa. I tried but she wouldn't budge. I guess it's just fair na rin kase she was never successful in having me eat natto as well. :D