Sunday, December 28, 2008

The day after Christmas...

The morning after Christmas:
Garando: "ZZZZZZZZZZ...."
Garandee: "zzzzzzzzzz....."

Around noon:
Garando: "ZZZZZZZZZZ...."
Garandee: "zzzzzzzzzz....."

Around 2PM...
Garandee: "zzzzz.... time to wake up, Garando!"
Garando: "ZZZZZZ uuurrnnhhhh.... again?"

After getting up I looked back at our bed and was surprised to see my body engraved on it... The form was so detailed you can trace it with chalk just like in a crime scene.

eeeeep!! Did I eat that much?!?!

Ok, now I'm seriously going on that fruit & veggies diet now! least until New Years' Eve when I need to take a quick break to eat my juicy grilled steak, then resume eating plants for the rest of 2009.

trifle 01

And speaking of fruits, Garandee made this delicious Fresh Fruit Trifle for my family's Christmas party! As expected, it was another hit!

trifle 02

Originally an English dessert (hint: Nigella), no fancy recipe here! Just chop 'em all up, dump these in a container and enjoy:
Fruits:: strawberries, melons, bananas, mangoes
Etc: sponge cake, whipped cream, custard
For Luck: chocolate sprinkles
* you may want to bake your own sponge cake and prepare your own custard though

DOH! My diet is screwed...

Garando mode:
must... chop... more... strawberries!


AngelMD-No-More said...

whoah! i love strawberries! hmmm will try making this one for the new year instead of the usual fruit salad.hehe hahay having a wifey like garandee will surely be a struggle for your weight loss plans manong.hahaha hmmm y not instead of red meat and pork, ask her to try gluten recipes.hehehe gluten steak? ewwwww!hehehe

Alice Teh said...

It's worth screwing your diet for this, Garando! Garandee is the best wife on the planet!

ZZZZZ zzzzz away... LOL

jeanny said...

sarap ng Yuletide season, we got excuse to eat more and be lazy lolz.

That Fresh Fruit Trifle looks so so good. What I need after the eating I did :)

jeanny said...

sarap ng Yuletide season, we got excuse to eat more and be lazy lolz.

That Fresh Fruit Trifle looks so so good. What I need after the eating I did :)

kg said...

ooohhh...I love all the fruits you used! strawberries, bananas, melon, and especially the MANGOES!!!! sarap! :)

sheng said...

I can go on days eating all that, alone.

Garando said...

Yeah give it a shot! It's really good, so I'm sure your family will love it! "gluten" steak? Is that one of those tofu "meats"? Do they even taste good?

LOL! Yah, I could never get enough of it. I even secretly brought some back home from the party. hee hee...

I totally agree! And I think Garandee and I have been getting too lazy. We haven't left home all weekend because of our Japanese drama marathons.

Yup! And you're not limited to those fruits too! You can add whatever you want: Peaches, peeled oranges, slicked apples, etc. and it will still taste awesome! ...wag lang durian o duhat siguro. :D

Same here! I'm still trying to convince Garandee to make me one again. :D

twishinky said...

oh gods, that looks so good... post merry christmas and a blessed new year ahead :)

Garando said...

Thank you, twishinky! Happy holidays to you and your family too! :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha im not really sure manong ha but gluten's made of flour and tofu is i guess from soy beans...gluten's used as a meat substitute by non-pork-enthusiasts.hehe it's sikat in sanitarium hospital. they have good gluten dishes there but havent heard of a gluten steak yet.hehe who knows if it's made with "love" by garandee...that would be another hit?hehehehe

Garando said...

Ahh! I see... I think I can try that in one of those "BODHI" fastfood chains. I'd definitely prefer those than sanitariums. :D