Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Garandee's Kawawang T-Shirt

Garandee: "Garando!! Garando!! come here, EMERGENCY! Hayaku, hayaku!! (hurry)"

Garando: "Wha?? ok, ok, I'm coming! What happened??"

Garandee: "I was fixing the laundry and my kawaii T-shirt slipped and fell from our balcony*..."

*behind our apartment is a big vacant lot that collects assorted junk that either fell or got swept by the wind from tenants' balconies. Enough junk has accumulated, the lot owner can actually hold a garage sale every month.

Garando: "Is that the little green thing that cat's staring at? I hope it doesn't mistake it for a litter box..."

Garandee: "Hai.... can you get it for me? ONEGAISHIMASU!! (please)"

Garando: "I can't possibly climb that wall... besides, do you see that big sign? 'BAWAL D2 ANG TRESSPASSENG!' (tresspassing not allowed)"

Garandee: "but my shirt....."

Garando: "Hmmm... what to do... what to do.... Don't worry, I'll think of something!"

Garandee: "sayang ne... it became dirty now.... "

Garandee mode:
Kawawa my T-shirt....

Garando mode:
Ganbari masu to retrieve shirt!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Garando -

I have not met your Ms. Garandee yet but I could just imagine you scratching your head, thinking how best to attack circumstances where two cultures and traditions cross -- seemingly everyday, in your case.

Well, you'd be happy to know that your blog makes me smile. Your writing is full of wit and humour -- keep it up!

Next time I'm in Manila, you should definitely introduce Ms. Garandee, ok lah?


Garando said...

Hey Gal! It's so nice to hear from you! Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you enjoyed my blog (though I'm not much of a writer hehe)

Let me know whenever you're in town and I'll definitely introduce you! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

wala bang picture? baka pwede kang mag collect don to start off an ebay biz. lol.


Garando said...

Haha Sige, I'll start it off with Garandee's shirt! Kukunan ko agad ng pic once ma retrieve namin.