Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's Go Garando!

5:15 am


Garando: "zzzzz...."

Garandee: "wake up, Garando...."

Garando: "5 more minutes pleazzz....zzzz..."

5:30 am

Garandee: "Garando, wake up already...."

Garando: "wake me up again when you're done changing....zzzzz"

5:50 am

Garandee: "GARANDO! GISING IKAW!!!! (wake up already!)"

Garando: "HAI!! I'm up, I'm up! see? heading to the bathroom now..."

It's 6:00 am and all is ready....

Garandee: "do you have our sandwiches?"

Garando: "HAI!"

Garandee: "do you have our drinks?"

Garando: "HAI! water, tea, and more tea!"

Garandee: "do you have my..."

Garando: "Yes, yes, i have all your cookbooks."

Garandee: "OK!! LET's GO BEBE!"

Garando: "...AGH!!!! Don't lock the door yet!"

Garandee: "?"

Garando: "I don't have our house keys..."

Garandee: "ai naku..."

tricycle 2

Garando & Garandee: We're going somewhere for a couple of days... We'll see you when we get back!

Garandee mode:
Let's GO Garando!! Chop chop!!

Garando mode:
Why do we have to leave so early....

*photos courtesy of Garandee.


Anonymous said...

Mark! I can't help but laugh whenever I imagine you doing what the animation does :o

Garando said...

Less the long ears, that's exactly what Garando looks like at the time he writes that post! hahaha...

Thanks for dropping by, Ted!