Saturday, October 18, 2008

Japan's New Diet Craze

In the news: Apparently Japan is going through another diet craze...this time involving bananas. Japanese media is simply calling it "THE Banana Diet".


Yes, weight conscious Japanese are going bananas over bananas. In fact, it got so popular Garandee said Japan had literally run out of stock, and if you're lucky enouch to find one, the price is ridiculous! If anyone is interested on more details of the banana diet, let me know.

I'm lucky Garandee doesn't like bananas that much. My knees are still wobbly after surviving her 1 week no-meat detox program. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Garandee: "Garando, which is a better brand for bananas? Dole or Dizon? ......Garando? "

Garando mode:


Anonymous said...

try to find the ones as small as a thumbnail to show her... you got to pinch them to peel 'em. I bet those don't reach japan! or the red hairy ones... if i recall right most of the varieties in the visayas never even make it out of there...

BTW, thanks for the Hatchin loaction, will go check it out :)

Garando said...

You're welcome!
"Red Hairy Banana"... hmmm, doesn't sound quite right doesn't it? ^_^
Do you know where we get those? I've never seen one before, and it should be interesting for her blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh I actually heard about this (runs to the supermarket to buy 20 lbs of bananas, lol).

I wonder if it's effective? I guess it's worth a try!


Anonymous said...

You got a point about the red hairy bananas... *grin* ^_^

Seriously, though, where to get that variety... hmm. Here in manila, I don't think I've seen those, I saw those on trips to iloilo, camiguin & cebu. Though you can try, and only if you have enough courage to (and I suggest a clothes pin for your nose, footwear you would gladly throw away and a heavy duty chain for your wallet) you can try Nepa Q-mart along edsa, they have more stuff there you don't see typically in other palengkes. I go there to buy sea weed and other ilocano stuff, though... never really tried looking at the fruit section before, but they might have other interesting things too.

Garando said...

Garandee said the Japanese thought it was very effective after some lady lost a significant amount of weight in a mere couple of weeks. So I guess it's worth a shot.

But teka, I looked at your facebook and you don't need to diet kaya!

@ twishinky
Thanks for all the info! I've never been to Nepa-Q mart, but if ever I get a chance I'll definitely keep an eye out!