Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shoes Off, Garando!!

It's probably common knowledge that shoes are FORBIDDEN inside the Japanese home. Touching the tatame with even the tip of your shoe is a mortal sin, stepping in with a full pair will doom you for all eternity. Even if our apartment doesn't use tatame, this rule is strictly enforced...

tea ceremony

I've lived on my own for over 6 years and enjoyed the freedom of flinging my shoes as I plop on the bed after an exhausting day at work. Obviously I can't do that now, but I don't mind seem to mind.

But do you know those days when you're in such a hurry to leave? I bet we all have the same routine...
Step 1 - grab shoes
Step 2 - find a chair to sit on
Step 3 - slip on shoes
Step 4 - grunt as you reach for the shoe laces
Step 5 - rush for the door

...and just when you're about to lock the door from the outside you realize you forgot one of the following:
- wallet
- car keys
- I.D.
- lunch box
- Whisper (with wings)

Isn't that annoying? Well in your case you can just run back in, grab the thing, head back out and be on your way. But for me... that means I have to go through all the 5 steps AGAIN!

There was one time I left my wallet at the kitchen counter. Staring at it from outside the front door was agonizing... because I already had my shoes on!

I don't have time for the 5 steps. I need to improvise!

Garandee was nowhere in sight, adding to the temptation to do the "tip toe" or the "heel walk" to get to my wallet. But she's like CSI: she detects the slightest shoe prints no matter how clean my shoes were. Too risky!

I can crawl, but I wouldn't want my trousers to get dirty... hmm...

Then I got lucky! I found a couple of our kitchen floor rags within reach!! I put them on the floor, one under each foot. Then started sliding my way to the kitchen! YES! It was actually a lot of fun, almost like Ice Skating! Getting closer, and closer... I can almost reach for it!

Garandee: "What are you doing?"

Garando: "!!!"

Garandee: "Didn't I tell you so many times that shoes..."

Garando: "Ok, ok, I'm skating back to the front door"

Garandee: "What skating??"

Garando: "Never mind. .......I was so close......"


Garando mode:
Garando is in trouble...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. That's so hilarious! I can just imagine skating on the kitchen floor :)

Garando said...


Yeah, too bad the fun didn't last. :-D

Anonymous said...

Why not leave your shoes in the car and instead, wear a pair of slippers inside the house you can easily slip on/off?

My former landlady was the same, she didn't allow walking in shoes in her home, so I took all my shoes, placed them in the car that my coworkers thought that I actually lived in it because I probably had 10 pairs scattered in the backseat like a crazy woman. lol.


Garando said...

Hmm, that's a good idea! I think that'll work for me...

I know someone din who used to keep a full set of clothes and toiletries in his trunk, almost like a second closet. Sometimes he'd stay out for a couple of days sleeping over at the office or some motel. hehe

Mrs. G said...

Try using hotel shower caps as shoe covers. You think Garandee will let you in if you use shoe covers?

Garando said...

Hi Mrs. G!
shower caps?..hmmm I could try but I'll need to stay out of trouble for a while because Garandee's making my favorite chicken wings this week. :D