Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shini Gan

After living in the Philippines for over 5 years, Garandee has learned to love classic Filipino dishes. At the top of her list is Pork/Prawn sinigang.

Dee: "Garando, I made my first Shini-Gan!!"

Shini gan

Do: "...uh wow, that really looks and smells like Sinigang! But did you forget to put the meat in?"

Dee: "Nyo! That's healthy Shini-Gan!! I put more focus on vegetables! Japanese really love to eat healthy you know..."

Do: "Oh. (hmmm... can hardly wait 'till she learns how to make healthy bulalo)".

Sneaked in a few pieces of pork while she was watching NHK, and voila! Sinigang.


Garando mode:
Getting ready for work!


Anonymous said...

Aw Garando, you and Garandee are too cute together. BTW, I was listening to your music feed, have you ever heard of the indie band, Via Satellite?

I think you'd like their ambient/pop music.


Garando said...

Thank you, Tina! I immediately checked out their myspace and you're right! They sure sound cool. Got any more recommendations?