Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tadaima! (We're home!)

We're back! I'm still pooped because I probably drove a total of 4 hours each going and back... But I'm really excited to share some of the highlights of Garando & Garandee's trip!


#1 Cows
There were a lot of cows. Garandee has always been fascinated with the animal (maybe because she likes milk so much), so she really had a blast taking photos of the resting cows as they munched on melamine-free grass. It was almost like we were in New Delhi again.

buko tart

#2 Buko tart
One of my favorite pasalubongs! Tried the "Rowena's" brand for the first time, it's pretty good! But I heard there's one brand that's really known for making the best buko tarts. Wish I knew what that brand was... maybe you do?

flower bloom

#3 Blooming Flowers
We watched flowers bloom! Garandee would take photos of buds around 6am, then come back after a couple of hours to watch in awe as they bloomed into flowers!


#4 Rocky
OMG.... saw this ad during a quick stopover in Sucat. So if ever you're feeling lonely and happened to be in town, Rocky seems to be available! With that look, I bet gender won't be an issue. Do leave us a comment so we'll know if his "massage" was up to your expectations.

Garando mode:
So exhausted...


Anonymous said...

very nice! but where did you go?

Garando said...

Thank you! We went to Nasugbu, Batangas.

Julsitos said...

buko pie?
el ideal?

or colette's?

Garando said...

definitely El Ideal!! I miss that bakery! :(