Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Close to Panic

The other day I found Garandee grimacing in our bedroom. Worried that she must be in terrible pain, I immediately rushed to her side...

Garando: "Garandee, what's wrong?? Does your tummy hurt?"

Garandee: " ... "

Garando: "Are you alright? tell me..."

Garandee: "wait..."

She then changed her facial expression but it still looked like something was really bothering her.

Garando: "I'll take you to the doctor, I'll go change."

Garandee: "wait..."

Garando: " ??? "

Garandee: "aaaaahhhhhh... finished po!!"

Garando: " ??!! "

Garando: "What was that all about?? Are you alright?"

Garandee: "I did Face YOGA!!"

Garando: "Face YOGA?!?!?!"

Garandee: "Hai! It's really popular now!"

Garando: "uuuuuhhh... I think I'll have a headache... Ok, next time can you at least put a "YOGA Session" sign next to you? You're freaking me out..."

Garandee: "Hee hee..."

I checked youtube after that, and she was right. Face Yoga was all over! Maybe I'll go try it in the shower... wouldn't want her to think I'm constipated again.

Garando mode:
I have a bad cold...


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I didn't know there was a thing called face yoga. Though what the girl is doing in the video is actually a face exercise that we always do in acting (I take acting workshops in CCP) to stretch the face muscles.

Julsitos said...

ehehehehe... cel provided your blog with your link...

itai desu ka???

nice entries... looking forward to more of it.


Garando said...

Hi Hogi! Ah yes, I knew you were into theatre because I visit your blog quite regularly. :)

Some of your posts actually makes me nostalgic because I was also into theatre when I was in college, but that was such a looooong time ago. :D Do let us know if you have any shows coming up!

Garando said...

Hai, Ganbari masu!!
Thanks for dropping by! :)
I love your avatar by the way! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Funny post this one is...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, why not try going back to theatre? =) Anyone can act, anyway. =)
I don't have any shows right now, but I could plug a couple, hahaha! My boyfriend's having a Broadway show in Assumption College in San Lorenzo Makati this Sunday. And Tanghalang Pilipino's doing a repeat of Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Musikal in January/February. =)

Hahaha, after seeing this entry again, I actually did the face exercise again, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

grabe garando, nakakatawa kayo ng wife mo. everyday is like a funny movie. pero at least exciting diba? :)

Alice said...

Ahahahaaha that really got me in stitches. Garandee is really funny. :D

Garando said...

Haha! That was way too long ago, and my job wouldn't leave me any time for that anymore. I still get to do some acting though.. especially if I've done something that will get me in trouble with Garandee. :D
Btw, won't overdo the facial exercise, you might get wrinkles! hee hee :D

Yup, ang kulit nya eh! I never get bored, she's always up to something. Then whenever she's not at home sobrang tahimik. :D

@Alice Teh
I wanted to make sure these funny memories are documented so I can share it with new friends like you! :)

Anonymous said...

So thats what face yoga is all about. I'll try that but I'll take your advice to put a "yoga session" sign next to me so as the husband wont freak out :)

Garando said...

Oh please do so! :D
Wow,it's good that people can still find something educational in my silly blog. :D