Saturday, December 6, 2008

Leftover Platter Surprise

Garandee went out on a dinner date with one of her Japanese amigas. I guess when the wife's away... what's the husband usually left with?

Leftovers. And our fridge is packed with abandoned ulams (meals) waiting to be noticed.

foil leftover

But guess what, after she left I found this plate covered with foil on my ugly desk. She mentioned she was worried about what I'll have for dinner while she was gone. So the sweet wife that Garandee is, she whipped up something quick for me! YEY!



I'll call it: "Garandee's Leftover Platter Surprise!". It looks pretty good and should be enough for me to survive through the night.

I just don't remember having these things earlier in the week though. Hmmm... that lipstick on my cabbage?

Garando mode:
Must stay awake so I can pick her up later!!


Anonymous said...

that's so sweet! and th Philippine flag is so cute. is that for the boxing match today? he ! he!

Anonymous said...


awww she is so sweet and that platter really looks good.

Garando said...

Haha Nagulat din ako dun sa flag, dunno where she got it... She probably used it dati for her blog. As for the boxing match, I'm tuned to Solar Sports now, but since I'm only interested in the main event, I'll go blogging muna till Pacman shows up. :D

thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's so sweet! She really made an effort on the presentation considering she was going out to dinner with a friend. =)

Garando said...


Yeah...she always worries about me going hungry. How am I going to go on that diet now? :D

Alice said...

That's so so sweet of your wife! This post puts a smile on my face. =D

Garando said...

@Alice Teh
Thank you! I'm sure Garandee will be delighted to hear that compliment. :)

Maver said...

Hi Garando!

Awww, wifey's such a sweetie!

Thanks for the drop. Yep, have tried CM's pizza. We especially love the shawarma pizza. Have you had that too?

Till next time!

Garando said...

Hi Maver! Shawarma Pizza? never tried it, but that sounds interesting. I'll make sure to check that out next time we get to visit CM! Thanks!

AngelMD-No-More said...

awww sweet! happy for you manong garando! landed in ur site from i forgot where and i ended up reading all your entries and enjoyed them...hehehehe im looking forward to "the book".hehehe i guess names are being withheld here so i just substituted garando for your name after the "manong"...btw, your little sister here from IS (literally little), hiding behind a pseudoname too...hehe

God bless in your married life and hope to read a post about the baby garando/dee soon.hehe

Garando said...

Hello AngelMD!! Wow, thank you! I'm really glad that you are enjoying my posts. :)
I also noticed from your profile that you're maintaining 3 blogs! NICE! I'll definitely check those out!

I hope all is well with you. This is a great place for us to keep in touch. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha! that is sooo sweet!