Monday, December 1, 2008

Garando's Top 5 Chicken Wings

I've been hunting for the best chicken wings in Manila since 2004 and I thought I'd share my list of the best chicken wings around!

hooters wings

Garandee says chicken wings are best eaten with your fingers and I totally agree. There's nothing more satisfying than sucking the meat off every bone, then tossing it over to an empty plate or bucket. Besides, picking on the small thing with a spoon and fork just looks really wrong.

On to the list...

#5 Firefighters

This was a small fastfood restaurant in Libis that IMO, served the best chicken wings at that time. Their buffalo wings were spicy, juicy and tasty.. match it with their blue cheese or honey mustard dip and it's a sure winner! Too bad it's no longer around, I never got a chance to take a photo..

Hot Wings
#4 Yellow Cab's Hot Wings

Around the time Firefighters closed down, along came Yellow Cab. The pizza's ok but I'm not too fond of the after-taste that came with the spices they used. The chicken wings however, was Firefighters re-incarnated and even better! They're bigger, juicier and crunchier!! Wish it came with the dips though...

hooters wings2
#3 Hooters' Chicken Wings

My love for chicken wings started in the U.S. during my first visit to a Hooters branch. We ordered 50 pcs of breaded goodness and I was totally hooked after that. Now you can just imagine the excitement I felt when I heard out about Hooters in SM MOA (Mall of Asia).

Though I don't think it's worthy of the "Hooters" brand ("Hootlets" is more appropriate if you ask me... ehem!) the wings are almost as good as the ones in the States. Best of all, they have the dips!

asian trio
#2 Garandee's Asian Wings Trio

Dee totally surprised me with these Chinese, Thai and Japanese inspired chicken wings! Chinese was deep-fried, very crunchy with that "home-cooked" familiarity you'd come to expect. Thai was done in a similar fashion, but had a hint of green curry for that extra spicy kick. Japanese had a subtle sweet-shoyu flavor topped with sesame seeds for that authentic nippon taste. Three kinds of chicken wings in one sitting, she sure knows how to make me happy!

rosemary wings
#1 Garandee's Roasted Rosemary Chicken Wings

This takes the cake! It's slow-roasted making it very tasty, succulent and healthy. Perfect with Dee's chili pasta with baked cherry tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar and extra vigin olive oil. It's so good it makes my mouth water as I type this post, not to mention this is always a big hit with our guests.

Well, that's my list of the best chicken wings. If in case you're interested in the the recipes of #1 and #2, leave a comment and I'll ask Garandee for it. Trust me, #1 is so good!

Garando mode:
Now back to my oatmeal and normalizing my cholesterol...


Anonymous said...

They sure look yummy! May I ask Chiori to share her secrets? ;) I'm personally not fond of chicken but that seems to be staple food here so I might as well make my chicken dishes exciting!

Garando said...

Yes, of course! I'll email you the recipe. :) Are you still using your yahoo address? That's the only one I have.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sa Yahoo ko please! Thanks to you and the lovely Missus! :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe missus should be starting her own food business :)

Mai da Paypay said...

that's my favorite chicken part..wings :-) the first one, may i ask for the recipe?

Anonymous said...

me, me, me! i want the recipes! (thanks for the yellow cab tip by the way - we sometimes order pizza there but never the chicken wings) -

Garando said...

Ok! Will send it on your Yahoo email.

Yah, that's what everybody's been telling her, pero she said she prefers to keep it as a hobby. Para walang pressure daw. So I'm her most loyal customer so far. hehe..

@Mai da Paypay
Yup, wings are so easy to love di ba? Sure I will send it over. Tina-translate lang namin. :D

You're welcome! Ok, will send you a copy of the recipe too! I also recommend their Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, goes perfect with the wings (if you're into spicy food). :D

Anonymous said...

wow! nice pics. nagutom ako! I love chicken...especially the balat, that's why I love the wing part. :)

btw, i've put you on my list garando! :)

Garando said...

Wow, thank you for adding me on your list!

I can't take all the credit for the photos though, half of those Garandee took since she uses it for her photo/food blog.

Anonymous said...

Can I have the yellow cab's hot wings recipe?