Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dental Dilemma

Garando: "Mine is on the far left of the case, and yours is on the far right. OK?"

Garandee: "Hai!"

Garando: "Great! And since we never brush our teeth at the same time, then there's a slim chance for error."

Garandee: "Hai!"

This was my strategy after "accidentally" buying a toothbrush that was identical to Garandee's. A brilliant solution if I might say, but apparently not sustainable.

Because after a few days...

Garando: "Dee, my toothbrush is wet. I saw you brushing earlier, did you use it?"

Garandee: "Nyo."

Garando: "But your toothbrush is dry..."

Garandee: "Ooops! Sorry po! But no big deal, it's like kissing anyway."

Garando: "Kissing?!"

Garandee: "Hee hee..."

So then I thought of an even better solution: The Kitchen. If I keep my toothbrush there, it's too far from hers to accidentally get switched!

It worked really well for a good couple of years, I'm particularly proud of that. Besides, I also made sure that never again will I end up with the same toothbrush as hers.

But last weekend...

Garando: "Dee, my toothbrush is wet. Did you use it?"

Garandee: "Of course not!!"

Garando: "But... how...? "

Then I saw it.

Another toothbrush was on the kitchen counter and it was exactly identical to mine!

: "Oh! Please don't keep your toothbrush in the kitchen because that's where I keep the one I've been using to clean the oven."

Garando: " !!!!! "

Garando mode:
I probably finished half a bottle of mouthwash...


Alice said...

This is too funny! Oh dear... oh me oh my... LOL

New Year resolution: Must get different toothbrush...

Anonymous said...

Buy a new one! Different color and style from her's...

Garando said...

Hi Alice & Sheng,
So True! A new and unique toothbrush will definitely be on our next grocery list (again). :D

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making my day!

Anonymous said...


its called, better luck next time?! or name tags, definitely!

AngelMD-No-More said...

wahahaha! so it's like kissing the oven manong?hahahahaha

Garando said...

You're welcome! LOL! :D

LOL! ...either tags or I'll buy a marker na talaga and write my name on it. In ALL CAPS!

Garando said...

@ AngelMD
I guess that's one way to put it. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

so funny!!!!

Next time buy a pair of toothbrush ng sabay to make sure, you wont buy identical.

Ay I'll include you pala sa my fave reads hope okay lang :)

Garando said...

Hi Jeanny
Wow, thanks for adding me!! Shempre ok lang no! I've added you in my list as well. :)

Anonymous said...

eeewww! ha! too bad you already used it! do you think it would have been a case of what you don't know won't hurt you? he! he! :)

Have a happt new year garando [and garandee]! hope you continue sharing your experiences because I love reading your posts! :)

Garando said...

LOL! Good point! Oral B should add more variants so Garandee and I won't keep ending up with identical toothbrushes. :D

Happy new year to you too!! Thank you so much for your comments, I'm really glad to know that you've been enjoying my blog! :)