Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Garandee's Christmas Hit!

Oh my gulay!! I never expected the last few days of Christmas to be this busy!


Christmas parties, a LOT of shopping and wrapping of presents have taken most, if not all of our time... The presents are stacking up at home and we're not even done shopping! I guess that explains my week-long hiatus from blogging.


But last week's real highlight was Garandee's first shot at baking an authentic Japanese Cheesecake. She never expected it'll become an instant hit!

If you haven't tried one yet, Japanese Cheesecake is a light, moist and spongy cheesecake that simply melts in your mouth. Think of it as the exact opposite of the rich New York Cheesecake or the infamous Filipino Blueberry Cheesecake. Its taste, flavor and texture is so light that you can easily devour half of the cake in one sitting and not feel full at all. It also has significantly less calories so you can toss the guilt out the window.

DSC_0046...straight out of the oven!

I know Bread Talk is selling these for a bit over P300, but Garandee's cake is definitely superior than those. Why? Because Garandee uses LOVE as the main ingredient. Now that's what makes this cheesecake so cheesy!

Sent early prototypes to some colleagues and friends to try out and now we have serious orders for 6 - 8 pcs! (Thanks to Jonie!) Now how can we even think of mass production with our tiny oven? We'll figure it out!


Garandee: "oooooh... Garandee's Pastry Shoppe!! Do you think I can start one in the future?"

Garando: "Of course! But we'll need a bigger oven for that dear..."

Garandee: "Ahhh... hai!"

Garando: "Let me go ask Santa if he can send some elves over to help out... I heard they're cheap labor."

Garandee: " ok po... "

Garando mode:
All set for Christmas Eve!


Anonymous said...

I love love love Japanese Cheesecake! Patikim! :-)

Garando said...

Hi Dyosa! Sure, once Garandee's home-bizness is in full swing, you'll be one the earliest to know!

AngelMD-No-More said...

hmmm yummy! it looks like the angel cake manong...soft, spongy and moist...but i know that it doesnt taste like the angel cake...when u mentioned that there's Garandee's love in it...i guess it really is cheesy!hahaha a happy christmas to u and garandee!

Garando said...

It's as cheesy as it gets! LOL! I've never tried Angel cake though... do you know where I can try some?
Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

mango said...

ooh, you're making my mouth water again! :) the cheesecake was very VERY good! :) the best cheesecake I've ever had. :) thanks for sharing it with the team! :) btw, if and when the flow of orders slows down a little (or you get a bigger oven), I'd like to order a couple, too! :) hehe! :) no rush, though!

Merry Christmas to you and Garandee! :)

Garando said...

Hi PHcommute! Thank you so much for the compliments, Garandee will be delighted when she reads this! And yes, I will definitely keep you posted! :)
Merry Christmas to you and Lance as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Maligayang PAsko sa iyo!

AngelMD-No-More said...

ooops i think i left a comment here...u can find angel cake at our very own calea manong. u cud ask some friends to buy u some. or i cud do it myself wen i go to mla basta ba may garandee's cheesecake in exchange eh.hahaha

Alice said...

I love cheesecakes of all kinds! Yummy... Love the look of the one by Garandee. :D

Garando said...

Thank you, Alice! Same to you! :)

Garando said...

Salamat! Maligayang pasko rin sa iyo at iyong pamilya! :)

Ohhh... I miss Calea! I love their white chocolate cheesecake and tiramisu! It's very nice of you to offer to bring some Angel Cake... Just let me know whenever you're coming over, I'll be more than glad to ask Garandee to bake you one in exchange! :)

@Alice Teh
Thank you, Alice! :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

wahaha napasubo ako!hahaha i'll be in mla on jan 16 manong and will be staying there for a little more than a week for my exam.hehehehe okay okay, will bring u something from calea. hay fyi, they ran out of cakes for christmas.hehe

Garando said...

Wow, they really ran out?? I heard there's Red Ribbon there already, can they even compete with Calea?

LOL!! Thanks! No pressure no! but I'll send you my cell # on facebook so you can text me when you're here. LOL!

I was kidding about getting me that angel cake, but you've definitely earned Garandee's cheesecake! I already asked her to make one for you. :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

yey!!! lakas still kay manong after all these years!hahaha i even gained a manang who will bake me her cheesecake?hahahah yahoo!!! thanks thanks gid!hehe

Garando said...

You're welcome, AngelMD! :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't compare Garandee's cheesecake to Bread Talk. I really think it's a huge insult to Garandee! Bread Talk is not even an inch close to Japanese Cheesecake esp if I will use Rikuro's cheesecake as benchmark.

Garando said...

Hi Jonie! LOL!! Wow, you really are one of Garandee's faithful fans ha! She'll be very flattered when she reads your comment. :)
Happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

Yey, I got my 4 cheesecakes (and soon to be 7!!!!!)

That's why I love anything with Japanese --- makes you eat a lot w/o feeling guilty (Heck, having the longest life span in the world must mean something with the food they eat - hahahaha!).

It's light and not-too-sweet (good for those with health problems)and gives you the illusion (or is it real?) that you are eating HEALTHY dessert :) Hahahaha...

Thanks Do and Dee!

P.S. At value for price pa! Oh love :)

Garando said...

Thanks Jonie! We're really glad that you enjoyed the cheesecakes! Garandee's putting the finishing touches on the last 3... She's starting to really get the hang of mass producing these cheesecakes, thanks to you! :D