Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tortang Toron


Garandee: "Garando!! Wake up already! I made Tortang Toron!!

Garando: "ZZZZzzzz.... uurrrhh... Tortang banana?"

Garandee: "Nyo... Come here... See? It looks so authentic Filipino!"

Garando: "Ohhhh I see! That's Tortang Talong dear..."

Garandee: "Hai, Tortang Toron! Nice, di ba (isn't it)?"

Looks like Garandee surprised me again! Look what I found on our breakfast table today: Tortang Talong (grilled eggplant omelet)!

This popular domestic dish makes a regular appearance in any family's dining table, and is also a mainstay in foodcourts and carinderias (affordable food stalls) around the metro. This is officially Garandee's 3rd Filipino dish.

Garandee: "It's also Japanized!!"

Garando: "...Japa-what?"

One munch and I knew what she meant.

She grilled the eggplant on an open fire until the skin was easy to peel off, giving it a nice smoky taste. Inside that omelet is minced chicken marinated in miso, shoyu, ginger and a little bit of sugar. Net, the classification of Japanized!

Loved it! It's unique, and it's probably the healthiest Tortang Talong I've ever had!

Garando: "But Dee, you should practice saying Talong, because Filipinos might get confused and think it's a banana omelet.

real turon

*Turon is a popular snack made of banana & jackfruit wrapped in spring roll wrapper and smothered brown sugar syrup before it is fried

: "Of course not! That's different because that's Tulon!"

Garando: " ... "

Garando mode:
Listening to my favorite Blues & Bebop Christmas songs!


AngelMD-No-More said...

hmmmm everytime i drop by your blog, i always end up with a gurgling stomach....aaaargh!hehe i believe that dee's a very good cook, manong...the other plus point is, she cooks healthy i guess ure not really gaining weight despite of the gud food ure hypothesis is, i still can recognize you from a distance just in case we'll bump into each other in mla...hehe

Anonymous said...

i love torta but not talong as i really don't like talong, huhuhu... nice dish...

Alice said...

Garandee is so sweet and both your conversation really made me LOL. That dish she made is mouth-watering!

Anonymous said...

rofl... :D

I knew i made the right choice... needed the laugh... you guys are hlarious! And really, really sweet.

Can't wait what you guys will do with the double whammy heavily laden christmas/ new year fiesta! :)

Anonymous said...

I never eat talong. Torta yes, but talong, never. But with what your wife made, it made me curious. Maybe I'll try it that way. =)

Garando said...

Well I'm sorry to prove your hypothesis wrong. I probably gained 15 kilos since you last saw me! :D Ever since I turned 30 I've steadily gained weight. Maybe my metabolism is getting slower, or maybe Garandee's food is just too good to pass. :D

@Sheng & Hogi
You don't like talong?? C'mon ladies, you're missing out!! hehe, kidding! I actually know a lot of people who hate the soft, gooey texture of an eggplant. They usually hate okra too. Do you?

@Alice Teh
Thanks Alice! I wonder if Malaysia has a similar dish?

Hey! It's good to see you back here! Haven't heard from you for awhile... Garandee's still thinking what to cook for Xmas, but I already know what I want: That nice juicy steak at New Hatchin!! :D

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha i guess the last time we saw each other was when i was in 1st year med?hehehe that was about 7 yrs ago...15/7...hmmm about 2 kilos/year...not really bad...hehehe i think it's really garandee's food manong...hehehe...btw, tortang talong's my fave esp if it has ground beef in it...maybe she could try another filipino appetizer like talong ensalada or fried talong with soy sauce and calamansi dip.hehe

Garando said...

Yes, that was such a long time ago wasn't it? My latest photo is the 11/11/08 post... but my stomach's concealed by my lose shirt. LOL!!

That's a good idea! Garandee is actually planning to make adobo next time!! Let's see if it's a success... :)

Anonymous said...

Tortang Talong is my super favorite! Now I am craving for some.

Garando said...

Hi Dyosa! Thanks for dropping by. Glad to see another talong lover! :D

Anonymous said...

your wife is so sweet talga. :)

I just love it when she tries her best to make those filipino dishes her way. Wonder what that talong would taste like. Sound good ah.

Naaalala ko tuloy yung dati kong jap boss, he calls talong tulon din hiihihi :)

Garando said...

Yeah, she loves to experiment with food lately. The talong tasted a bit sweet, pero somehow the flavor still worked for me. :)

LOL! It's cute when they always switch "L" and "R" no? Like "Ayara" and "Lustans" :D