Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Communication Breakdown #2 - Her Husband

If you think the typical Pinoy husband-wife misunderstanding is a challenge, here's an example of a Garando & Garandee communication breakdown.

The drive back home from our office is always a great opportunity for me and Garandee to talk about the days events/gossip, what to eat for dinner, or what to do over the weekend, etc etc (unless she remembers I haven't taken out the garbage yet, then I'll never hear the end of it.)

Garandee: "Ohhhh... You KNOW (slaps my arm), my officemate... her husband..."

Garando: " .... "

Garandee: "her husband..."

Garando: "Yes? so what about her husband?"

Garandee: "her husband!"

Garando: "Hai, so what about her husband? continue please..."

Garandee: "Nooo... her HUSBAND!!!"

Garando: "so what did he do? I won't know until you tell me"

Garandee: "I'm telling you her HUSBAND!! She's so kawawa!"

Garando: "uh... they broke up?"

Garandee: "She doesn't have a house anymore, it was a terrible accident! HER HUSBAND!!"

Garando: "OHH!! Her HOUSE BURNED!!! ahhhhhhhh i see."

Garandee: "Ikaw!! LISTEN to me! hmph!"

Garando: "but.... I heard... I thought...."

Garandee: "...can we drop by ministop for some soda?"

Garando: "but I heard... ok... how about seven ereven? it's croser."

Garandee: "grrrrrr...."

Communication Breakdown #1

Garando mode:
Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines... sigh...


Anonymous said...

grabe, that's so funny! i can only imagine you two....and I can imagine her frustration. :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, funny to, i like the conversation, one way to perk up a tired and boring blabber.

Garando said...

hehe! there's never a dull moment whenever I'm with my Garandee.

thanks for dropping by! I'm glad it was able to brighten up your morning. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, I actually read the dialogue out loud and burst out laughing. =)

Mai da Paypay said...

hahahahah! this is so funny! :-P

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha - I laughed out loud too! Almost woke up my kid :)

Anonymous said...

just a thought garandee...hindi kaya you need to have your ears checked? ha! ha!

have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

ay...garando pala. i meant you ha, not your wife. boing! :) [hope she doesn;t get to read this.]

Garando said...

Haha no worries! You have a point there... but let me try cleaning off the cobwebs in my ear first. Baka sakali umubra. :D

Alice said...

This is too funny! And I love the "Garando Mode" GIF at the end of your posts. :D

Garando said...

@Alice Teh
It's a good thing Garandee's english accent is getting better, and I now clean my ears more often. :D

Rein said...

lol! lost in translation! :P:P

Garando said...

Yep, i get that a LOT! :D
Thanks for visiting Balut & Natto!