Tuesday, December 23, 2008

H, and what it means to Garando...

letter H

It's my first blog game!! Sheng sent me the letter "H", so now I need to post 10 words that mean a lot to me, and they should all start with that letter.

I'm glad she met my request of not giving an "X" or "Z". That would've been too easy!

HTML - Something I had to learn when I started Balut & Natto

Hope - Something everyone should always have.

Hide - Something I'm starting to get good at whenever I made a boo-boo at home.

Harmony - Something I wish for the whole world.

Helium - Something I'd like to suck on before going Christmas caroling. I always wanted that authentic chipmunks singing voice!

Home - Ain't no place like it!

Hot - Garandee's goal... No, not for her, she already is! It's actually for me... but the diet officially starts after the holidays. Phew!

Happiness - Something I wish for everybody.

Hero - The Mighty Garando that Garandee can count on to save her day. Only I don't usually wear my underwear over my pants and since I'm a proud owner of genuine love handles, a tight hero suit is out of the question.

Humor - If I didn't believe in it, I would have never reached 2 blog visits/day.

Soooo... WHO's NEXT?? The "X" and the "Z" are still open for challengers...

Garando mode:
That was pretty fun!


Anonymous said...

Another to add... with plenty of meanings!

Holy ---
- used alone in actual usage = as like hallowed
- in pairs = ie., holy smokes (yes corny, but the net is so sensitive nowadays. Use your imagination type of prefix, if you will...)
- in groups = ie, holy freaking h**l!!! (more complex usage above)

Now isn't that versatile? *wink*

Note: First day of our christmas break and its driving me to have nerdy thoughts... *grin*

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahahaha i didnt know that ceneco posts would develop love handles in time manong.hahaha remember highschool days? your friends were teasing you that you look like a post? oooops am i spilling something here?hehehe nah...it's the height people...it's the height...not the looks i mean.hehehe what letter are u giving me? for the spirit of christmas, spare me the letter x and z please.hehehe happy christmas to you and manang garandee.

Alice said...

Very cute list of H. May you and Garandee reach your goals and it is my Hope that you both will succeed with flying colours. LOL.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday!

Garando said...

Funny! I'm a big fan of Holy - in groups... I remember using it the first time I tried Natto!!

LOL! I definitely remember my "Poste" pseudo-name during highschool. For that you deserve the letter "W" Haha!
I'm afraid I may have reached the age where I'm starting to grow horizontally...
Merry Christmas to you too! :)

@Alice Teh
Thank you, LOL!! Well I guess success depends on our groceries. NO MORE POTATO CHIPS and COOKIES!
Merry Christmas to you too! :)